Crisis Actors?

I’m not going to say either way so I won’t be accused of being a “Russian bot” influencing public opinion. I’m just going to put these three videos up and let them speak for themselves. I’ll let you be the judge.

The first video is an obviously scripted interview of Stoneman Douglas High School student David Hogg. (Update 22 Feb: this video has been taken down by the censorship Nazis at YouTube. I’ve been informed that both YouTube and Facebook, or should I say Fascistbook, have been taking down these videos as soon as they pop up.)

The second interview is a video of Robbie Parker in Newtown, CT shortly after the Sandy Hook massacre. (Also taken down by the Newspeak censors)

This is a clip from NBC’s Meet the Press that aired this past Sunday.

You be the judge.

Mass Shootings – Mass Media PSYOP

Problem – Reaction – Solution

The media’s psychological warfare operation is now in full swing. Since last Wednesday, we have seen nothing but a barrage of crying parents, crying children, bloodied kids, and endless replays of the carnage that took place in Parkland, Florida. A large portion of the media circus is filled with half-truths and bold faced lies. And of course, some of the degenerate lowlifes that call themselves “journalists” cannot help but to interject their divisive rhetoric in order to inflame wedge issue tensions in the midst of tragedy. Their propaganda is beyond reprehensible, and Joseph Goebbels would be awarding them medals if he were alive today. Read what this sick female reporter named Becky Griffin had to say about abortions and mass shootings:

America is reeling, peoples’ hearts are broken, and the public is clamoring for a solution to recurring tragedies. All the emotion has been carefully funneled to support the establishment’s preconceived solution that is being put forth by the subversive change agents within the media and their fellow travelers in government. Their solution is quite predictable: GUN CONTROL. All across America, the cries are going out for the government to “do something” about this. The reality is, the government had its chance to do something, but it didn’t. The perpetrator in Florida was reported to the FBI TWICE, once by an individual close to him telling authorities that he was a ticking time bomb who had access to weapons, and was making threats to kill people. I suppose the FBI was too busy chasing phantom Russian collusion allegations to even give a damn about any legitimate threat here at home. The FBI has these children’s blood on its hands, blood that will drip along with the blood of the children that the agency slaughtered in Waco, TX twenty-five years ago this year.

Folks, the government is not the answer. You are being brainwashed by their Hegelian method of Problem – Reaction – Solution. They are playing on your emotions in order to strip away the rights of good Americans, including your rights as well. They need a sizable majority of support from the population in order to do it. It is one of the many “silent weapons” that those behind the scenes are using at their disposal in order to bring about the New World Order over the ashes of the Republic. As I said in a previous post, the population must be thoroughly disarmed in order to bring the full weight of their subversive socialist plan against this country. These mass shootings have terrified the entire nation, and it is no accident that most of these have occurred in schools over the years where our most innocent and vulnerable reside. Fear is a tool, and they want the public to be thoroughly terrorized and made to feel that there is no safe place from these tragedies. They want Americans to come to a consensus that the only answer is passing more laws to keep the public safe. It is a classic case of freedom being exchanged for false security and safety. They want parents to be in constant fear for their children when they go to school. Read what anti-gun activist Gabby Giffords had to say after the shooting:


Now we are going to get into some dark stuff. This is an excerpt from a book titled “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper. Cooper was a Naval Intelligence NCO on a Top Secret briefing team during the early 1970’s and came across the long range plans going into the 21st Century to bring America under world government. He wrote his book in 1989 and it was published in 1991, long before these shootings became the epidemic they are today. I highly recommend people pick it up and read it; for many of his predictions he made almost 30 years ago based on documents he saw while in the Office of Naval Intelligence have come to pass. Read this:


The perpetrator in Florida fit this exact profile as well as 99% of the rest of these mass killers. I’m not saying that every individual that goes on a killing spree is a programmed murderer, there are people that truly do go off their rockers, but looking at the profiles of most of these shooters you will find a clear pattern. They are all seeing or were seeing a mental health “professional” at some point in their life. They are all medicated with Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) like Prozac which, according to the pharmaceutical companies, have listed side effects that include “suicidal thoughts”. Their labeled side effect is definitely a euphemism, what they should say is “homicidal thoughts”. Other societal factors come in to play as well, such as the increase of broken homes and the lack of coping skills that young people display today. Over the years the government along with “expert doctors” in psychology, have covertly conditioned society to change the methods of parenting and raising children. The result is a generation of young people without the ability to handle life’s problems. Children that are not able to cope are then prescribed medication in order for them to function in daily life. Children are being hooked on anti-depressants and behavior altering drugs at early ages as their parents foolishly believe and take the advice from the so-called “experts”. The Hegelian Dialectic of creating political and societal change through conflict resolution is definitely at work here. The hidden hand has created a problem with this epidemic of horrific killings in order to get the public to accept their solution which is the total disarmament of every citizen. Yes, their goal is total disarmament of not just the citizens of America, but the entire world. This is the official policy of the United Nations that is heading this effort. This plan has succeeded in most of the world, especially Europe. The United States is their last main stumbling block. And this is not some bullshit “conspiracy theory” like the socialists claim it to be. It is in fact, official U.S. Government policy. Read Public Law 87-297:

Click to access STATUTE-75-Pg631.pdf

Department of State Publication 7277:


Knotted Gun sculpture in front of the United Nations Headquarters building in New York City

They will start with so called “assault weapons”, then work their way until they get every gun from every citizen’s hands. And folks, this is not really about guns or our love of guns, or whatever false reasoning they paint the other side with. I have been a student of history since I was able to read, and fully understand that once a population gives up their arms, they will be enslaved. Governments have slaughtered more people than anything else throughout history. The U.S. government is not immune to these statistics either. Read a little history on the government’s policy for the Native Americans during the 19th Century. For a more modern day example, read about the U.S. government’s 1993 siege of the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX. Governments take the first place Olympic medal for mass murder. Our Founding Fathers knew this, which is why the 2nd Amendment was placed in our Constitution in 1791 as final check and balance against a tyrannical government.


Now that you know the establishment’s solution, I will now propose an alternative solution: TAKE RESPONSIBILTY, ARM YOURSELVES, AND TRAIN. The first step is to understand that no place or person is immune to the threat of violence. We live in a violent world; a brief glance at the 5 o’clock news will confirm that fact. Violence has existed since the beginning of mankind. Like it or not, it’s bred in our nature, and burying your head in the sand and pretending that nothing is going to happen to you will only get you killed. One student that was interviewed last week stated that he never thought that it would happen at his school. He said he saw these events take place in other parts of the country throughout the years, but never thought it would happen to him. Most people believe that it will never happen to them. The police will not protect you either. They are always minutes away when seconds are crucial. In fact, the Supreme Court ruled years ago that no citizen has the right to police protection:


It’s time to take responsibility. The government is not going to protect you. It is up to you and you alone to take the necessary steps to defend your life in the face of evil. Now I understand minors cannot bring weapons to school, so I am not advocating that. I do believe that allowing a select group of school faculty that are well trained and proficient in use of firearms to discretely carry is a good step in the right direction. These tragedies are going to continue. The “Gun Free Zones” are just free killing zones for the perpetrators. I also advise people to get quality training from a professional firearm school like Thunder Ranch in Oregon, or Gunsite in Arizona. There are many of these schools throughout the country run by great instructors that have military and law enforcement backgrounds. Many of them have combat experience and know what works in a gunfight. I have personally trained at many schools in my state and will be attending a rifle course at Thunder Ranch this year. All the instructors that I’ve trained under are dedicated professionals who are very helpful and have a passion to teach ordinary citizens how to defend themselves. None of them were ever egotistic or “Rambo” types at all, contrary to what the media portrays them to be. I have seen them take an ordinary man or woman that has never fired a gun before in their lives, and have them hitting the X ring repeatedly by the end of a two day course. Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of money on my training, but I believe that my life is worth the money to acquire these martial skills in order to have a better chance at surviving a deadly contact. I also would not hesitate to defend the lives of others around me should violence ever break out. More citizens in this nation need to stop being complacent sheep and become sheepdogs, for the predators in society are all around us and are always looking for an easy target. Arm, train, be vigilant at all times, and never give up your guns no matter what.


“If you look like food, you will be eaten.” – Clint Smith, Owner of Thunder Ranch

“The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.” – Jeff Cooper, Art of the Rifle, Pg. 2