Resources and News

This is a comprehensive list of news sources that I use and trust. I only tune into the establishment controlled mainstream media when I want to know the narrative that is being pushed on to the public. I firmly believe that in order to have a complete picture of what is happening, you must also have an understanding of the narrative that is being constructed by the enemy.


Homepage (A trusted source for news pertaining RKBA) (Author Michael Hoffman’s site. Another treasure trove of fine research.) (One of the only true Christian pastors left in America today. He reminds me of the brave “Black Robe Regiment” pastors from Colonial America. After I quit attending these watered down “churches” years ago, I started tuning into his online sermons every Sunday. He writes a syndicated column every week that everyone should read.) (This is the late Milton William “Bill” Cooper’s operation. It is no longer being updated due to lack of support, however, it has a treasure trove of information regarding secret societies, the New World Order, constitution, jurisdictional research, ect. I highly recommend listening to Bill’s series titled Mystery Babylon. Probably the best expose of the secret societies I’ve ever come across. And be sure to actually BUY it and not just download it on the internet like most people do. This site is no longer active due to people sucking off of them without giving anything back.)