Get Angry Over Something That Matters

As everyone is beating each other up over manipulated bullshit racial divisions, moronic crazed masked idiots attacking people who refuse to bow down to the golden image and wear a mask; right vs. left; Republican vs. Democrat; up vs. down; ect.; meanwhile the elite have been raping and sacrificing children to their pagan gods. Not just the elite but the scum from hollywood (lowercase h on purpose) that you pay your money to watch their perverted movies and keep up with the latest gossip. These idols you’ve looked up to your whole empty lives now have huge skeletons walking out of their closets for the world to see, but yet you want to focus on media manipulated “systemic racism” or get angry and attack your neighbor who doesn’t wear a mask in Walmart. The Lord is going to have His day with this country. Think this year has been bad? You’ve seen nothing yet. Watch this video:

Say a prayer for this man, he’s got a lot of guts to come out and tell the TRUTH. Mark my words, pedophilia is going to be officially classified as a “sexual orientation” very soon. Don’t believe me? Take a look around. They already have the pieces in motion for this and the LGBTQ movement was Pandora’s box. Wake up.

And one final thing, as this truth comes to surface and as more people catch on, expect major events and catastrophes to accelerate which will serve as a cover and distraction. Buckle up, the next few months may get rough.

A Citizen

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