Mask Mandates: A Conditioning Precursor for Future Tyranny

This is a Mind Control Device Mask" Mask by iwantlibertees | Redbubble

Draconian mask mandates are rolling out across the nation like a wildfire. Many states, cities, and towns are now requiring mandatory face masks for the public in the name of “stopping the spread of COVID-19”. At least that’s what they’re telling us. I, for one, am not convinced, and neither are a lot of other people. I firmly believe that mask mandates are a form of public conditioning to get people acclimated to accept their final solution to COVID-19, or more appropriately it should be called COVID-1984, which will be mandatory vaccinations coupled with a mandatory biometric ID and health passport to show that you are virus free. The powers that be are very intelligent, and unfortunately they more intelligent than a majority of the slavish mob of everyday Americans. However, they understand that most Americans will not readily accept the changes all at once, so they must “test the waters” so to speak using Pavlovian methods and social engineering to mold the psyche of the public. First they must condition people to accept that things will never be the same again. They have cleverly brainwashed the public with repetitive media propaganda of the “New Normal”. The same thing happened after 9/11. After 9/11, nothing in our society was the same again and we collectively accepted it out of fear of a contrived enemy in the Middle East. That is why I keep saying that this COVID-1984 pandemic scam is just 9/11 Part II, another contrived “invisible enemy”, the purpose of which is to take away residual freedoms and erase the memory of the world that once was. Once that stage has been passed, then the coercion stage commences, and that is what we are seeing with these mask mandates.

Has it occurred to anyone that these statist bureaucrats are not specifically giving recommendations or even mandating what kind of masks to wear no matter how effective or ineffective they are? If this was really about the public health, shouldn’t they also be mandating what mask the public must wear in order to stop the spread? But they aren’t, and that’s the big giveaway. You see, they don’t care what mask you wear or how effective it is, they only care about YOUR COMPLIANCE to their tyrannical mandates. 99.9% of the masks people are wearing out in public are a joke. They don’t protect the person wearing it from viruses, nor do they stop viruses from escaping a person’s nose and mouth. Even the N95 masks don’t stop viruses being exhaled. In fact, viruses are so small that these fabric masks are akin to putting up a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes like the clever meme illustrates. The blue masks that people are wearing are meant for surgeons in an already sterile environment and must be discarded after a single use, yet people are wearing them all day and even reusing them which in turn becomes a breeding ground for even more germs and viruses. None of these masks seal which allow respiratory droplets to escape and enter along the edges. Mask are ineffective and will not stop you from getting the virus or spreading it. The CDC, the medical establishment, and even the liar Dr. Fauci all initially came out and said that masks were ineffective. How come all of a sudden they changed their tune?

Now the power of the mob is coming into play in its true Nazi fashion. The statists have set up snitch hotlines for mask non-compliance and the slavish sheepish mob are ratting out their neighbors to the Gestapo like Good Germans. I’m starting to hear the sheeple bleat, “It’s just a mask, why are people fussing about this? Wear a mask!” Tomorrow, they will bleat, “It’s just a vaccine” or “It’s just an ID chip to show that you are safe to be around. Just take it.” This is what’s around the corner and they are starting to make it impossible for people to buy, sell, go to work without complying with the mandates. Is this ringing any bells, folks? Mark my words, this is the future of America if we don’t nip this BS in bud and nip it in the bud right now. Masks are only a precursor, a form of brainwashing and conditioning to accept their “New Normal”. At the end of the day, they couldn’t care less about keeping you healthy from this virus. This virus helps them to keep you scared so that you will readily comply with any edicts by the government or the so-called “experts”. At end of the day, it’s all about CONTROL by FEAR. Now the confused herd is literally nearing the point to when the government says “JUMP!” they ask “How high?”

A Citizen

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