A Real Father


This scene from the movie Boyz N The Hood is probably one of the best movie scenes depicting a father’s love for his child. If only every troubled teen had a real man like this in his life, we’d probably be living in a totally different and better world today. Want to really change the world? Start with changing your home, because that’s where it all begins.

On a side note, the movie Boyz N The Hood has a lot of real nuggets of truth in it. Watch it, and you’ll see that Laurence Fishburne was really Morpheus long before the Matrix. The man understood what was really going on in the “hood” and that it was much deeper than what the 5 o’clock “news” showed on the TV. He knew there was a system that was carefully designed to ultimately destroy the black community and he taught his son, played by Cuba Gooding Jr., what the truth of their world was and why. Although Fishburne’s character alludes to a hidden hand multiple times, I don’t think the movie goes as deep as I think it should since it doesn’t really label who “they” are, but it will give you a glimpse of the underlying system which has plagued the black community since the 60’s.

A child needs love and discipline, most of all, love. Without love from family, the child will seek it somewhere else, be it from the streets, gangs, drugs, ect. Raise your children right, get involved in their lives or else a cruel world will.

Happy Father’s Day.

A Citizen

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