What if it was you?

Waco and Ruby Ridge: the 1990s standoffs haunting the Oregon ...

Police brutality is nothing new in America, just ask the Branch Davidians. Most Americans have forgotten Waco. What happened at Waco in 1993 was a cause for an uprising, but unfortunately, the majority of the public turned a blind eye to the atrocities committed against David Koresh and the Branch Davidian sect by federal law enforcement over made up charges. The police state should have been nipped in the bud back in 1993, but instead the public cheered it on saying “The Davidians were just a bunch of religious fanatics, they got what they deserved.” Shame on us.

Now the police state has grown and morphed into the militarized monster it is today, and it has done so through the public’s consent. George Floyd is just the latest casualty of this beast. There are many more people though, however, all across this country getting killed by cops daily. Take note how the establishment, in its typical divisive manner, is trying hard to make this a race issue. It’s obvious they are trying to take the focus away from the police state and funnel the anger against racism. How convenient. It’s easy to stand back and point the finger at systemic racism since there are indeed many racist cops and racial profiling does exist. There’s no denying it exists, however, the root goes a lot deeper than that. These are merely symptoms of a much larger problem and the truth is America has a systemic police state problem. I will write more on this later.

For those folks that thought that the Branch Davidians got what they deserved because they were ‘a bunch of religious fanatics’ or George Floyd got what he deserved because he was a ‘street thug’, or the peaceful protesters in Washington D.C. got what they deserved the other day when the police, military and Secret Service fired tear gas and flash bangs to clear them out so that Trump could get his photo op in front of a church, what do you suppose the public ought to say about you when the police come charging through your door or puts a knee on your neck? Many people are being caught up in the dragnet today; no one is exempt. When you support the trampling of another person’s rights, you are in effect supporting the trampling of your own rights. Those of you that support rolling out the military to quell the protests and riots, be careful what you ask for, one day the guns may be turned against you. The boot is coming down on all of us. Something to think about.

A Citizen

P.S. A lot of people were speaking the truth in 1993. One those individuals was the comedian Bill Hicks:

(Language Warning)


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