Canada Declawed


Another domino has fallen in the Western Hemisphere regarding the citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. Canadians, under their Marxist Prime Minister Trudeau, now have two years to turn in their “assault weapons” over to their slave masters in government or be thrown in prison. It’s very unfortunate to see this since there are a lot of rugged individualists that live in Canada who love freedom just as much as some American do and just want to be left alone. Unfortunately, it was just a matter of time since Canadians were already limited to 5 round magazines for their semi-automatic rifles. An assault weapons ban was next in the process of declawing their people. You see, it doesn’t just stop with magazine bans or registration. It’s a process that whittles away peoples’ rights and dignity until they have nothing left. I hope that our brothers in Canada will stand firm against their tyrants in government and not turn anything in. I also hope that the events in Canada serve as a reminder to us here in the States of what is in store for us in our future if we continue to sleep at the wheel while trusting our so-called “leaders” to have our best interests at heart.

On a side note, the mass shooting in Nova Scotia that served as a catalyst to this tyranny occurred on April 19th, and if you understand the significance of that date, then that’s all you need to know about what happened in Canada and who was really behind it. There’s a clear pattern when one studies these things, it wasn’t just some “lone nut” with a gun.

America is now the very last domino standing in the way of world totalitarian government, or to put it more correctly, armed American citizens are the only thing standing in the way. We are truly the last stumbling block of the New World Order, and if we give up our guns, the whole world will plunge into a new dark age. Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and now Canada have succumbed to the disarmament agenda. You can bet that they haven’t given up on America since we are the primary target. I expect the propaganda media to ramp up its praise of Trudeau and Canada’s “bravery” for banning “weapons of war” and how America should emulate the Canadian government’s action to “keep people safe”.

Speaking of “safety”, are you not sick and tired of this “safety culture” yet? It seems to be the prevalent word that is always thrown in our collective faces whenever we are faced with a crisis, real or imagined. Forget freedom, people just need to be safe. It’s the hallmark of a nation of cowards. I’m eternally grateful to our ancestors who didn’t play it safe in 1776. I’m also grateful to see that some people in this country aren’t buying it anymore and are starting to rock the boat. I’m very happy to see some push back by the citizens against these tyrannical lock down orders in their respective states. My hat is off to you people that are taking to the streets in peaceful protests and civil disobedience against these tyrants. Now the “experts” and the scum media are saying that a “second wave” of coronavirus is coming. I really hope that we the people will not fall for this again. Remember, fear is their main weapon and they are preying on our fears to get us to obey without question. As I predicted, this scamdemic has turned out to be a nothing burger and it has been easily proven by many researchers and doctors that the official infection numbers along with the death toll has been grossly inflated and manipulated. Our economy is in shambles, not because of the coronavirus, but because of the tyrannical edicts put out by the CDC, state governors (except for AR, ND, SD, UT, IA, WY, and NE), and the White House. Government is the real virus masquerading as the cure. Let us collectively reject their lies and their “cure” to our ills and once again stand as free men and women. Time to open up and get back to work, and it’s time to do it without asking permission.

– A Citizen

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