Blacks, you need to stop being manipulated. You are being used to destroy this country from within. Some of you are very smart and can see right through all of this. You understand that these bleeding heart white liberals are really just race baiters using you to bring about Karl Marx’s “dictatorship of the proletariat“. You know and understand that they are not your liberators, President Lyndon Johnson was not your liberator, and that he put you right back on the plantation with drugs and welfare. These white liberals are only pretending care about you, in secret they don’t give a damn. The only thing that these riots are accomplishing is setting your people back into deeper bondage. Please educate your brothers and sisters so that they’ll stop falling for this manipulation.

Ordo Ab Chao

Addendum 30 May 20 2000 hrs

Please note: not all of these protesters are apart of this mob. A lot of them are protesting peacefully and are not taking any part in the destruction of their communities. I support those protesters as should we all. As time goes on, it is becoming more and more obvious that the violence and looting has been carefully orchestrated by well trained agent provocateurs who are most likely being heavily funded by George Soros. There’s a lot of people on the ground right now that are awake to this and smell the stench of a set up. Many videos are circulating on the internet of PSYOP agent provocateurs with possible government connections who instigated the destruction of buildings and local businesses in Minneapolis. It has been widely reported that pallets of bricks are mysteriously being dropped off in key areas in some cities, and the local Minneapolis government officials have stated that over 80% of those arrested in the last day were not even from the local area. Local media in Minneapolis and state officials are now trying to deflect the blame by saying that “white supremacist” groups and drug cartels are carrying out the violence. This is total phony BS and any clear thinking person with a brain in their head knows it.

I firmly believe that these events have been well organized and planned by the powers that be with busloads of useful idiots doing the dirty work to make them look like an organic grassroots movement. America was beginning to unite against the state supremacists during the coronavirus lockdown, so they needed something to nip that in the bud. These riots serve the purpose of plunging an already weakened nation into more chaos while fanning the flames of racial divisions. They now have put manipulated race issues front and center. Divide and conquer is the name of the game, and if they can stoke race riots in the cities then the sheeple will never unite against the real enemy. At the same time, ordinary folks are going to beg for order. As things get even more chaotic, the public will cry out for more lockdowns and police state measures. They will begin to applaud troops being on the streets. Wake the hell up America, you are being played and this is only going to end with more lockdowns, checkpoints, cameras, curfews, police and troops on the streets. That is the end goal and most people are falling right into the trap.




The above posts are probably one of the most topsy-turvy things I have ever seen. Self-hating business owners in Minneapolis who don’t care if their livelihoods literally go up in flames. And these are just a few out of a handful of social media posts that have been put out in recent days. Not only do they not care, but they go so far as to condone the actions of the rioters in name of “justice”. This is not justice folks, you do not obtain justice by destroying your communities. This is anarchy which will be followed by absolute and total police state control. ORDO AB CHAO – Order out of Chaos; you are witnessing it right now in real time across America. If folks thought the police were brutal before this, they haven’t seen anything yet. And these rent-a-mob rioters along with their useful idiot sympathizers are playing right into the trap that has been laid out for them. The offshoot of this will be the same as that of the COVID-19 plandemic – total control by the state. You can count on it. Am I the only one that sees the perfect timing of all this as places in America begin to open up? I sure hope not.

I’ve have also seen folks post how they have no right to call out these rioters for their behavior since they are rioting for “justice against their oppressors”. For example I’ve seen a lot of people state the following – “Well who am I to tell them how they should protest?”

You not only have the right, but the DUTY as a civilized member of society to object to violence and anarchy in all its forms. You have a duty to not only call out aggression from the state, but also aggression from unscrupulous elements of our society. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Folks stating the above are complicit accomplices in the destruction of property and lives that is taking place. By turning a blind eye to it and promoting it in the name of “social justice”, you might as well have been on the streets hurling molotov cocktails. The problem with useful idiot liberals (not my words, that’s what Lenin called you) is that in their quest for “social justice”, they’ve lost their self-respect. The social media posts at the top speak for themselves. Being that they have no self-respect, they lack respect for others and their lives and property. This is a symptom of a country that is committing national suicide.

The rule of law must prevail, if not, then be prepared to wear the chains that your masters have been forging for you. Rod Sterling from the old show The Twilight Zone said it best:

‘For civilization to survive, the human race has to remain civilized.’

A Citizen

Koreatown LA Riots 1992

Maybe instead of depending on an inept National Guard and corrupt police force for protection, perhaps it’s time for business owners in Minneapolis and elsewhere to start depending on themselves to protect their livelihood against thugs, rioters and agent provocateurs. I think the citizens in Koreatown during the 1992 LA Riots set a fine example. Just a thought.

A Citizen

Memorial Day: In Memory of a Friend and Warrior


This post is going to be somewhat personal. When I started this blog, I never wanted it to be about me or myself, but instead about the information and the research that I’ve come across over the years in the hopes that it would help expose the truth about the world that we live in. I have nothing to gain by this, I just felt obligated to get the word out because hardly anyone is speaking out nowadays, let alone speaking the truth. Today is Memorial Day and this post is going to be about someone close to me when I was around 9 or 10 years old. I hope to honor the memory of a fine young man in this blog and at the same time, I hope that his memory would serve as and example as a life taken away far too young.

After I found out the truth about the wars that we’ve waged over the last 70+ years, the military, and the deception that the ruling class has used over the decades to get the youth of this country to do the dirty work for the agenda of the New World Order, I’ve grown to despise national holidays like Memorial Day and Veterans Day. When I left the service at my 10 year mark in 2014, I walked away from a very promising military career as a very disillusioned young man. My whole entire belief system was turned upside down as I came to the conclusion that most everything that I grew up believing about America and our government wasn’t true. Knowing what I knew to be true, I quickly grew very tired of seeing the established commemoration for those of us that raised our right hand and wore the uniform for this country. It all seemed so fake to me and very ironic how a nation ceremoniously thanks its defenders of freedom on the one hand, while it gives up freedom for the empty promises of security on the other. At the same time, I also knew that those of us that wore a uniform and fought our nation’s wars were viewed by the ruling class as mere cannon fodder – “animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy” to quote the traitor Henry Kissinger. So I’ve always kept to myself on these holidays. And sadly, our culture has forgotten these men and women though it pretends to remember but twice a year.

Even though I understand what I know to be true, at the same time, I can’t accept that these men and women died in vain, or that their sacrifice was a waste. I firmly believe that if these men and women died believing that they were fighting for our freedom, then I can’t take that away from them or their families, nor would I ever want to.

One such man who died serving his country who I had the privilege of knowing was Cpl. Eric Palmer of Maize, KS.


Cpl. Eric Palmer was KIA on June 24, 2007 after a firefight against insurgents in Bayji, Iraq. He served as a paratrooper in the 1st Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, based out of Fort Bragg, NC.

Eric Palmer was one of my best friends in 3rd and 4th grade. We were both in the same 3rd grade class together and we were inseparable. I’ll never forget him, his kindness, his inspiration, and his sense of humor. If I remember right, we became friends over a game of Pogs, and if you were a 90’s kid you know what Pogs are. We would collect them and trade them all the time during our indoor recesses. During our outdoor recesses, we were either at the soccer field or on the basketball court. As a kid, I was without a doubt the worst basketball player ever, I couldn’t do a layup to save my life. However, Eric always made sure I was included and that I was a part of his team. I’ll never forget how he stood up for me when one of the captains refused to pick me for the team. His sense of loyalty was unshakeable, a trait I’ve always admired. We went to basketball camp during the summer after 4th grade and hung out at each other’s houses all the time. I would go to his house and play a helicopter combat game called Jungle Strike on his Sega Genesis. It was our favorite game and I remember our favorite part was blowing up a gas station on one of the levels. He would come over to my house and I would show him my collection of fighter planes. I think both of us knew, even at that early age, that we were both destined to serve in the military. Eric went into the Army and I went into the Air Force. Unfortunately, as the years went by we grew apart. We had no hard feelings between us, it was just one of those things that happens as kids grow up. Friends and classes change and experiences are different. I don’t think we spoke to each other once throughout high school and I don’t remember ever having a class with him. It was what it was.¬† I will forever cherish the memories and the times I had with Eric Palmer during those early years. Shortly after I heard he was killed in action, I saw that his family made a Facebook page in his honor. Many of my former classmates wrote about their experiences with Eric and I read them all. Just about every person talked about how selfless and a deep person he was. I saw those same qualities in him as well. I didn’t write anything on that Facebook page back in 2007, I really didn’t have the words. I think it was just too hard for me to say anything at the time. I don’t have a Facebook anymore so I doubt this will ever make it on his wall. I haven’t wrote anything about him or our friendship until now. I figured this Memorial Day would be the perfect time to do it so this is my belated commemoration to a fine young man, a friend, and a warrior.

Rest easy Brother, hope to see you again someday.

Your old friend,

Anthony Barone


This is an open message to all law enforcement officers written by a citizen of these united States of America. This message does not necessarily apply to all those that are wearing a badge, I’m addressing those that are actively intimidating and arresting citizens for exercising their God given rights to life, liberty, and property. There are many cops across America right now, who are standing down and speaking out against the actions of their fellow law enforcement officers. I am not talking to them in this letter, for they have my upmost respect and I will gladly stand with them in their righteous endeavor to reign in the tyranny and lawlessness that is growing out of control and running amok within the ranks of law enforcement.

Dear Law Enforcement Officers,

You are currently engaged in the destruction of the rights of the citizens and are helping to bring about the treasonous end of this Republic. We the people will not take much more of your Nazi jackbooted tactics that you are engaged in across this nation. First off, let me remind you that as a public servant, you work for us, not for the state. When you became a police officer you swore to protect and serve your respective communities and the people therein. You also swore an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America as well as your state constitution, that includes the Bill of Rights. I think it’s time for you to re-read your oath and understand that what you are currently perpetrating in America, right now, at the behest of traitorous politicians and city and state bureaucrats, is nothing but tyranny and outright lawlessness. Arresting citizens for opening their businesses in order to work and provide a living themselves and their families is something right out Stalin’s Soviet Russia. Ticketing citizens for assembling to worship together at a church is a slap in the face to our ancestors that made the voyage to come to the New World so that they could worship freely. Your actions are despicable, and you are putting yourselves in the same league as the Nazi Brownshirts, the Soviet NKVD, and King George III’s redcoat army.

You are the modern redcoats and the standing army that our Founders warned us about. Like the redcoats that enforced the King and Parliament’s decrees in the American Colonies, you are enforcing the tyrannical decrees of the state bureaucrats who are seeking to increase their power in the midst of this “crisis”. I’m addressing you because you are the enforcers of these people who run the cities and the states. You are order followers, and without you being on the frontlines carrying out the Naziesque oppression on peaceable citizens, the power of these politicians and bureaucrats would be nothing. We will not excuse you when you state that you were “just following orders” or you were “just doing your job” when the day comes when you will have to answer to the public for your crimes. And you will be held to answer for them one day, mark my words.

Let me warn you that the citizens of this country are not going to take much more of this. People are beginning to push back against you and it’s only going to get worse if you continue to carry out your tyranny. I strongly advise you to BACK OFF, and to BACK OFF RIGHT NOW. The public is losing respect for you. I for one, have close to zero trust and respect for “law enforcement” as it stands right now and I know many others in America feel the same way. After Ruby Ridge and Waco, the people that were adverse to law enforcement and government were mostly a small “fringe” element within our society. Ever since 9/11 and especially since this COVID-19 “pandemic”, that number has grown and our ranks have swelled. Through your actions, you are now making enemies out of ordinary Americans who would otherwise support you on any given day. Many people across this country are beginning to wake up and feel the weight of their chains. How much longer do you think people will continue to sit idly by and let you run over us? I’m not advocating violence, but your actions today are backing people into a corner with little choice but to resist you. I sincerely hope that we will never see a civil war in this country, but unfortunately civil war seems inevitable, especially in today’s sociopolitical climate. You police officers that are carrying out illegal “Red Flag” gun confiscation raids on citizens who never committed a crime are really playing with fire. Someday in the future, you’re going to “no-knock” raid the wrong guy and that fire is going to grow beyond your control and you will not be able to extinguish it. You will also be playing with fire if “our government” makes vaccinations mandatory and sends you out to make sure everyone receives a shot at the de facto point of a gun. I for one will not comply and will fight anyone who tries to force a vaccination upon me. And I know I’m not the only one. We may be the minority, but there are still tens of millions of us around this country who will resist any kind of vaccination or mandatory branding or microchipping. It will happen over our dead bodies.

Citizens have had it. We are pushing back. We are taking our rights back and we are not asking permission. This is America, a country born of rebellion against tyrants. That rebellion, though it has been suppressed over the decades, is still firmly ingrained within our DNA. You folks in law enforcement are currently standing on the wrong side of history. In the end, you will lose. Even if the government wins, you will still lose because once a totalitarian government gains absolute power, the ones who helped bring it about are also executed. If you don’t believe me, read a history book. Read about the Night of the Long Knives purge of the Sturmabteilung (Storm Troopers) in Germany in 1934. Also read about Stalin’s purges. You have nothing to gain with what you are wittingly or unwittingly bringing about in America. Most of you are unwittingly being used, and I say that not to let you off the hook, but to tell you that I too was used by my government in my military service to help further an agenda that runs completely contrary to the oath I took when I enlisted. If I could break out of my conditioning to see the truth for what it is and walk away from my career out of principle, then so can you. No excuses.

If you wear a badge and consider yourself a part of the “Thin Blue Line”, then I invite you to reflect and reexamine what you are doing and why. Leave citizens alone. You have no right to keep people from working, worshiping, peacefully assembling, or taking their children out to the park to enjoy the sunshine. Back off while you still can.

– A Citizen


I also invite you to watch this video made by Officer Greg Anderson from the Port of Seattle Police. And for the record, I just watched this video right after writing this. He literally took the words right out of my mouth. Bravo Officer Anderson!

This is Officer Greg Anderson.

Officer Anderson is an honorable police officer who respects the rights of citizens and obeys his oath to the Constitution.

Officer Anderson speaks the TRUTH about his fellow law enforcement officers’ tyrannical actions.

Officer Anderson understands that gaining public trust by viewing people as fellow citizens instead of enemies is important and wouldn’t do anything to betray that trust.

Officer Anderson is an example of what a police officer should be.

Be more like Officer Greg Anderson.


Addendum 12 May 20:

Well YouTube, Vimeo, Fascistbook and Twitter thoroughly scrubbed this documentary. I even tried to upload it on my YouTube channel and it was taken down by the censorship Nazis 3 hours later. That should tell you something. Here is a strong link if you want to watch it. Download it and make copies:

This is an excellent expos√© of the fake COVID-19 pandemic, which a lot of people are rightly calling a “plandemic” due to a growing mountain of evidence that this whole scam was carefully planned and choreographed. The doctor being interviewed is Dr. Judy Mikovits and names “Dr.” Anthony Fauci as a profiteer of death. Remember the Nazi doctors and scientists that the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) brought to America after WWII under Operation Paperclip? Remember the evil experiments they did to the prisoners in the concentration camps? This is no different. “Dr.” Anthony Fauci and his ilk are cut from the same cloth as these Nazi doctors and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is continuing their work. Like the official story of 9/11, the official story of this COVID-19 plandemic is full of gaping holes and outright lies, and I applaud the brave doctors that are risking their careers by coming forward and telling the American people the truth.

Addendum 7 May 20 0745hrs

Well apparently somebody doesn’t want the truth to get out. This documentary, including the copy I uploaded here, has been scrubbed by the Ziofascist tech elites. The Nazi thought police at YouTube and Facebook have been working feverishly deleting any upload of this documentary. This only further confirms the truths presented in it as this information threatens the establishment and their narrative. I’m going to add another copy, this time from YouTube but I doubt it will last long. Watch it while you can, download it and re-upload it.



Canada Declawed


Another domino has fallen in the Western Hemisphere regarding the citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. Canadians, under their Marxist Prime Minister Trudeau, now have two years to turn in their “assault weapons” over to their slave masters in government or be thrown in prison. It’s very unfortunate to see this since there are a lot of rugged individualists that live in Canada who love freedom just as much as some American do and just want to be left alone. Unfortunately, it was just a matter of time since Canadians were already limited to 5 round magazines for their semi-automatic rifles. An assault weapons ban was next in the process of declawing their people. You see, it doesn’t just stop with magazine bans or registration. It’s a process that whittles away peoples’ rights and dignity until they have nothing left. I hope that our brothers in Canada will stand firm against their tyrants in government and not turn anything in. I also hope that the events in Canada serve as a reminder to us here in the States of what is in store for us in our future if we continue to sleep at the wheel while trusting our so-called “leaders” to have our best interests at heart.

On a side note, the mass shooting in Nova Scotia that served as a catalyst to this tyranny occurred on April 19th, and if you understand the significance of that date, then that’s all you need to know about what happened in Canada and who was really behind it. There’s a clear pattern when one studies these things, it wasn’t just some “lone nut” with a gun.

America is now the very last domino standing in the way of world totalitarian government, or to put it more correctly, armed American citizens are the only thing standing in the way. We are truly the last stumbling block of the New World Order, and if we give up our guns, the whole world will plunge into a new dark age. Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and now Canada have succumbed to the disarmament agenda. You can bet that they haven’t given up on America since we are the primary target. I expect the propaganda media to ramp up its praise of Trudeau and Canada’s “bravery” for banning “weapons of war” and how America should emulate the Canadian government’s action to “keep people safe”.

Speaking of “safety”, are you not sick and tired of this “safety culture” yet? It seems to be the prevalent word that is always thrown in our collective faces whenever we are faced with a crisis, real or imagined. Forget freedom, people just need to be safe. It’s the hallmark of a nation of cowards. I’m eternally grateful to our ancestors who didn’t play it safe in 1776. I’m also grateful to see that some people in this country aren’t buying it anymore and are starting to rock the boat. I’m very happy to see some push back by the citizens against these tyrannical lock down orders in their respective states. My hat is off to you people that are taking to the streets in peaceful protests and civil disobedience against these tyrants. Now the “experts” and the scum media are saying that a “second wave” of coronavirus is coming. I really hope that we the people will not fall for this again. Remember, fear is their main weapon and they are preying on our fears to get us to obey without question. As I predicted, this scamdemic has turned out to be a nothing burger and it has been easily proven by many researchers and doctors that the official infection numbers along with the death toll has been grossly inflated and manipulated. Our economy is in shambles, not because of the coronavirus, but because of the tyrannical edicts put out by the CDC, state governors (except for AR, ND, SD, UT, IA, WY, and NE), and the White House. Government is the real virus masquerading as the cure. Let us collectively reject their lies and their “cure” to our ills and once again stand as free men and women. Time to open up and get back to work, and it’s time to do it without asking permission.

– A Citizen