For What It’s Worth

I’m taking a break from all this for awhile. Regardless who you are or where you stand, whether you’re a friend or foe, I hope you weather this storm alright and come out from the other side unscathed. In the meantime, here’s a song for the times whose message is just as relevant, maybe even more so today than it was back in 1967. Keep your powder dry. Peace.

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you’re always afraid
Step out of line, the man come and take you away

We better stop, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down…

President From Hell



Oh really, Herr Trump?


The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.


Hitler is in the White House.

All you Trump supporters can stop calling yourselves patriots. You’re not patriots, you’re just the “Good Germans” that are following your Fuhrer. Quit wrapping your Toryism in the flag, you’re just a bunch of sellouts pretending to be Americans.

And just imagine how much you guys would be bitching right now if Obama or Hillary would’ve gone on Twitter and said the same thing as president, or declared that their authority was total. You guys would be in open rebellion right now, but since it’s your tyrant wearing a Republican jersey, you say nothing. Total hypocrites and liars you are.



“Circle of Life”, huh? Remember the Disney movie The Lion King? Tons of Illuminati symbolism in that movie; it goes right over the heads of the children and the parents. But if you understand their esoteric language like I do, that movie will have a whole different meaning.


Updated 12 Apr 20

It’s that time of year again. The Christian world will be celebrating Easter/Ishtar today. This is a post I wrote for Ishtar Sunday two years ago. In it I explain the history and the roots of the PAGAN, not Christian, holiday. I also delve into the symbolism of this holiday and you will learn that the egg, the bunny, and general spring symbolism are really just fertility/sex symbols that the ancients used in their spring rites commemorating their goddess Ishtar. Many churches across the United States will be adorned with these Mystery Religion symbols and many people will have these symbols in their house without ever knowing the meaning behind them. Many other Christians who are awake and understand will celebrate this Sunday as Resurrection Day. I’m not saying what you should or shouldn’t do, that is up to the reader to decide, but as for me I’ll solely be celebrating the resurrection of my Lord and Savior Jesus and will not partake in any of the pagan Easter/Ishtar Sunday rites and rituals that are traditionally practiced on this day.

I also want to remind folks to never forget who crucified Jesus. A lot of people tend to scapegoat the Romans, but it wasn’t the Romans or Pontius Pilate, the real murderers of Christ were the people who were threatened by Him and His teachings. It was the same people that exulted that they have no king but Caesar and the same people that hate Him to this very day but are still waiting for a “messiah”.

As for Jesus, He is the only KING I recognize and the only KING I will ever bow down to. Any other mere mortal will never get my worship or genuflection, I don’t care what title they have or what position of power they may hold. I will not bow nor will I kiss the ring of any man on this Earth. You’re nothing compared to the King of Kings.


Today, Christians across the world will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter. Many people will be attending a sunrise church service, maybe painting a few eggs with their children and later having an Easter egg hunt around the yard or local park. Many children will wake up to find that the Easter bunny left them a basket full of goodies. It was a tradition that I grew up with and I have fond memories of spending Easter with my family painting eggs and going out of town to meet up with other family members to have an Easter egg hunt and a great Easter dinner. I’m sure many Americans had similar experiences growing up and may still practice these traditions with their family today. Most everybody does it every year without question or knowing the roots of these traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

I want to say right off the bat that I am NOT attacking anyone’s religion or traditions, nor am I trying to tell anybody that their traditions or religion is wrong. I believe in freedom and what you believe and practice is solely up to you and your family. I simply want to bring to light some of the truths that have been buried over the centuries that people may not realize about the traditions and symbols surrounding Easter. During the latter days of Rome, Emperor Constantine was in a great dilemma on how he was going to preserve a declining Empire. For the last few centuries, Christians in the Empire were heavily persecuted. Jesus warned His disciples of the tribulation that would follow after his ascension into heaven. Christians all across the land were rounded up by the Romans and thrown into the coliseums and arenas across the Empire to be shredded by the lions and wild beasts as entertainment to the degenerate population. But for every Christian killed, more would rise up in their place. The Christian faith was spreading and it was said that Christian blood was like seed upon a fertile ground. Emperor Constantine knew this and realized that the days of the Empire were numbered. The religion of the Empire was an extension of an ancient religion that originated in Babylon known over the ages and in the Bible as Mystery Babylon. The deity that they worshipped was the Sun. I will get into the esoteric symbolism on what the sun really represents in a later post, for there are still those who worship this deity in secret across the world today. Though the Roman’s main deity was the sun, or Jupiter/Apollo, their religion was a pantheistic religion with many gods and goddesses that were worshipped all the same.

Many historical accounts that have been written over the centuries reveal that Constantine saw a vision of a cross in a dream and was ordered by God to inscribe crosses on the shields of his army. In the book “Pagans and Christians” by Robin Lane Fox, it is documented that he claimed that he and his army saw a vision of a cross in the noonday sky inscribed with the words “By this, conquer”. Thus, Constantine converted to Christianity, or so most people thought. He knew that he couldn’t neutralize the Christians that were spreading throughout the Empire, so instead of destroying them, he joined them and shrewdly combined Christianity with the pantheistic pagan religion of Rome. Rome became the Holy Roman Empire. As time went on and as paganism continued to intertwine with the Christian religion, the Holy Roman Empire became what is known today as the Roman Catholic Church. Rome became the Vatican and the Emperor became the Pope. The pantheon of old Roman gods became the pantheon of saints. The original Sabbath day which was the last day of the week (Saturday) according to the Lord in the Book of Genesis became Sunday, or the Day of the Sun and that is why almost all Christians worship on Sunday. Any person with a basic understanding of the symbols of the Mystery Religion can go to the Vatican and see the obelisk with the cross at the top and St. Peter’s Square laid out as an ancient Druidic temple of the sun. With the merging religions and symbols came a merging of customs and traditions. Easter is one those traditions.


The name Easter comes from a name of an ancient Assyrian goddess Ishtar or Astarte. Ishtar is just another name of the goddess that was originally worshipped in Babylon whose real name was Semiramis, wife of Nimrod. As the Mystery Religion of Babylon spread throughout the Middle East, the names of Nimrod and Semiramis changed. In Egypt they were known as Ra (Osirus) and Isis. In Phoenicia, Bel (Baal) and Astarte. In Greece, Zeus and Aphrodite. Rome, Jupiter and Venus. Ishtar was known to the ancients as the goddess of fertility. The Rites of Ishtar and Beltane became a traditional ritual and celebration during the spring time when it was believed that Ishtar fertilized the land after the dead of winter and thus bringing new life out of a fertile ground. The Easter or Ishtar egg is a symbol of fertility, the rabbit or Easter Bunny being a symbol of procreation. These symbols come directly out of the ancient pagan religion and have nothing to do with the resurrection of Christ.

In the book “The Two Babylons” by Alexander Hislop, he states:

Then look at Easter. What means the term Easter itself? It is not a Christian name. It bears its Chaldean origin on its very forehead. Easter is nothing else than Astarte, one of the titles of Beltis, the queen of heaven, whose name, as pronounced by the people Nineveh, was evidently identical with that now in common use in this country. That name, as found by Layard on the Assyrian monuments, is Ishtar. The worship of Bel and Astarte was very early introduced into Britain, along with the Druids, “the priests of the groves.” Some have imagined that the Druidical worship was first introduced by the Phoenicians, who, centuries before the Christian era, traded to the tin-mines of Cornwall. But the unequivocal traces of that worship are found in regions of the British islands where the Phoenicians never penetrated, and it has everywhere left indelible marks of the strong hold which it must have had on the early British mind. From Bel, the 1st of May is still called Beltane in the Almanac; and we have customs still lingering at this day among us, which prove how exactly the worship of Bel or Moloch (for both titles belonged to the same god) had been observed even in the northern parts of this island. “The late Lady Baird, of Fern Tower, in Perthshire,” says a writer in “Notes and Queries,” thoroughly versed in British antiquities, “told me, that every year, at Beltane (or the 1st of May), a number of men and women assemble at an ancient Druidical circle of stones on her property near Crieff. They light a fire in the centre, each person puts a bit of oat-cake in a shepherd’s bonnet; they all sit down, and draw blindfold a piece from the bonnet. One piece has been previously blackened, and whoever gets that piece has to jump through the fire in the centre of the circle, and pay a forfeit. This is, in fact, a part of the ancient worship of Baal, and the person on whom the lot fell was previously burnt as a sacrifice. Now, the passing through the fire represents that, and the payment of the forfeit redeems the victim.” If Baal was thus worshipped in Britain, it will not be difficult to believe that his consort Astarte was also adored by our ancestors, and that from Astarte, whose name in Nineveh was Ishtar, the religious solemnities of April, as now practiced, are called by the name of Easter–that month, among our Pagan ancestors, having been called Easter-monath. The festival, of which we read in Church history, under the name of Easter, in the third or fourth centuries, was quite a different festival from that now observed in the Romish Church, and at that time was not known by any such name as Easter. It was called Pasch, or the Passover, and though not of Apostolic institution, was very early observed by many professing Christians, in commemoration of the death and resurrection of Christ.” 

It is worth noting that the Puritans and the Pilgrims both did not celebrate Easter nor Christmas when they colonized the New World. They understood the roots of such celebrations thus it was banned. Christmas also has its roots in the Mystery Religion, for it was called Saturnalia in Rome until paganism and Christianity were merged. I will get into some of the traditions of Christmas and their pagan roots in December.

Again, I want to make it clear that this is not an attack upon anyone’s personal belief system. I believe in the freedom guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution and would fight and die for any person’s right to worship any deity or deities in any way they see fit. I just wanted to shed light on some things that you may have not have heard before. Most people grow up, live their life doing things then later dying without ever questioning anything that has been passed down through the generations. This blog is about the truth and the truth must be found by each and every individual. We must stop blindly believing what has been told to us by our parents, our siblings, our teachers, our preachers, our media, and especially our politicians. For the priests that practice the arcane Mystery Religion behind the closed doors of their temples and lodges still exist and are still in control today, and like Constantine who manipulated the Christian population to forsake the real teachings of Jesus and adopt pagan traditions, they are still manipulating the population of the whole world to adopt the pagan New Age religion of the New World Order.

For more information on Easter and the Mystery Religion I recommend reading:

“The Two Babylons” by Alexander Hislop, published in 1853. This is an excellent resource written about how the traditions of paganism intertwine with Christianity.

“Pagans and Christians” by Robin Lane Fox, Published by Harper & Row, 1986.

I also recommend researching the Scriptures for yourself instead of believing what your preacher or priest says.

Druidic Spring Equinox and Beltane Festivals:

Today’s Americans Would Have Drank the British Tea Instead of Dumping It


On the night of December 16, 1773, the Sons of Liberty organized by Patriot leader Samuel Adams, dressed up as Mohawk Indians and boarded three cargo ships belonging to the East India Company. The ships were in port in the Boston Harbor to unload the latest shipment of tea from Great Britain. The objective of the Sons of Liberty was to dump all 342 chests of British tea into the Boston Harbor as a protest against the tax placed upon it.

It all began when the British Crown demanded tribute via a tax on tea. In response to the Tea Act, the colonists purchased smuggled tea from the Dutch instead of the taxed British tea that came its East India Company. The East India Company was in trouble in the 1770’s and needed to sell 17 million pounds of tea sitting in warehouses in London to the American colonies to ease its financial woes. Lord Frederick North waived the tax that was to be paid by the EIC when the merchant tea ships arrived in London, but kept the tax for the arrival to the American colonies. Thus, this tax waiver actually lowered the price of the tea and made it cheaper than the Dutch smuggled tea that the colonists purchased. It was a trick by Lord North and the East India Company to get the colonists to take the path of least resistance and buy a cheaper product, though that product would still be taxed by the British, thus purchasing the taxed tea would have given the Tea Act legitimacy over the American colonists. The colonial patriots saw through the plot and turned back any EIC tea ship that landed on their shores. However, Thomas Hutchinson, the royal governor of Massachusetts, issued a decree in December of 1773 that would mandate that the EIC tea ships to not be turned back before unloading their cargo. Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty sent agents requesting that the royal governor rescind his decree but Hutchinson refused, the tea ships were to be unloaded. Upon hearing the news, Samuel Adams gave his Sons of Liberty the cue to commence their operation in unloading the cargo right into the Boston Harbor. The colonial patriots refused to be bought off and the rest is history.


Our patriot forebears acted out of principle. Knowing that the British taxed tea was actually cheaper than the smuggled tea, they threw it in the Boston Harbor anyway. They wanted to thumb their nose at Parliament and King George’s taxes. Today’s Americans would’ve bought it and drank it.

I have to say that I’m extremely disappointed and am losing my last ounces of faith in my fellow countrymen right now. Most modern Americans have zero principles to stand upon and are being bought for a very cheap price. The economic stimulus that is being promised to us by Congress and the Trump Administration is merely crumbs off the king’s table to quell any sort of resistance and rebellion from the public. Think I’m overexaggerating? All I hear are jubilant cheers and celebration for the $1200 ($2400 for married couples, plus $500 per child) checks that everyone will receive in the coming weeks from their slave masters in Washington. Crumbs off the king’s table for the slaves so that they won’t rebel against the tyranny that is being built upon this manufactured coronavirus crisis. Yes, the ruling elite know just how to shut the cattle up in the pen, and as I’ve said in the past, they know how to take our own human frailties, weaknesses, vices, lusts and greed and use them as weapons against us. This is what this whole thing is all about, folks. This is not to “help” you, it’s to shut you up. And you’re going to shut up because most of you will not bite the hand that feeds you. Just think, however, if Americans were as principled as our patriot forebears like Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty, and collectively saw through this scheme and told the government to stick their “money” where the sun doesn’t shine, the equivalent of dumping the taxed British tea into the Boston Harbor. They would have a huge problem on their hands, but they’re counting on you to take it and shut up, like stuffing a pacifier in a crying infant’s mouth. Americans are going to drink the tea and love every sip.

Did you know that this stimulus package amounts to SIX TRILLION DOLLARS? Where do you think that money will come from? Most of you think it’s just free money and no payment to the piper will come due. Do you understand just how far this thing will sink us even further into the pit of debt? Did you know that only a SMALL PORTION actually goes to public as stimulus checks and the rest goes to bail out the banks, the airlines, and other pork barrel spending? Not to mention that if you make over $75,000, you don’t get one. One portion of the country is forced to pay for the other portion. What was that that President Trump said during his State of the Union speech back in January about how America will never become a socialist country? He’s a boldfaced LIAR. This is socialism to a T. And for all you people out there saying, “Well, who cares about the rich people, they got enough anyway, they need pay their fair share“, you need to check your Marxist attitude, sir or ma’am. A lot small business owners that are out of business right now make over $75,000 a year, in fact it’s nothing for a small business owner to claim $75,000, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are pocketing that as profit. They could be just scraping by making six figures in order to maintain their business expenses. They’re now screwed, thanks to Trump, the CDC, the state governors, and all of the other local tyrants.

As for me, I’m giving my $1200 away to charity. You see, unlike most so-called “patriots”, I practice what I preach. I don’t want nor do I need a socialist welfare bailout from Uncle Sam. I’m an American, I can stand on my own two feet just fine without the “help” of Big Brother. Even if I lost my job tomorrow, I will do what I must to make an honest living and I will never stand in a welfare or unemployment line. No matter the price, I can’t be bought. If most Americans had that same attitude we’d probably be in a lot better shape. But unfortunately, most Americans are bought for very, very cheap.

Americans should understand that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” I guess most Americans forgot that.

Also, for those justifying the fear and government/media tyranny surrounding this event, what about the diseases and plagues that were prevalent during our ancestors’ day? What about smallpox that wiped out whole communities and plagued Washington’s Continental Army during the Revolution? It’s funny how the Founders were so intimately familiar with such diseases and viruses, but yet made no mention to suspend the rights of the people during an outbreak. Just another stark contrast between Americans then and so-called “Americans” now.

Americans today remind me of the story of Esau in Genesis 25, who sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of soup, and became subject to him. Americans are selling their birthright (freedom) for a bowl of soup (false safety and security), and will be subject to their masters in government. The taxed tea is convenient, easy, and safe. It appeals to the animal instincts, which is to survive at any price. However, the price will be heavy and so will be the chains. Our ancestors understood this which is why they threw it overboard.

People are talking about the uncertain times we’re in, however, our ancestors faced nothing but uncertain times. The entire New World was a land of uncertainty, but they bravely and faithfully prevailed. Though the days ahead look dark, I still have the hope that there is enough of a remnant left in America that will prevail in the future. Lord willing, this may be the beginning of our time to shine.

A Citizen

Dr. Fauci Admits the Truth: Coronavirus is Akin to Seasonal Flu


I forgot to add this to my last post. Dr. Fearmonger Fauci, the guy you see from the White House plastered on all the mainstream media outlets calling for drastic measures to be taken to combat the coronavirus “pandemic”, admits in The New England Journal of Medicine on March 26, 2020:

On the basis of a case definition requiring a diagnosis of pneumonia, the currently reported case fatality rate is approximately 2%.4 In another article in the Journal, Guan et al.5 report mortality of 1.4% among 1099 patients with laboratory-confirmed Covid-19; these patients had a wide spectrum of disease severity. If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively. (Emphasis mine)


Gee, why is this little tidbit not on the news? Anybody got a clue? Because it doesn’t fit the agenda, it would reveal the whole scam. You see, they want you to still huddle in your homes in fear and take their tyrannical medicine over a SEASONAL FLU with a mortality rate of .01%. Not my words, these Dr. Anthony Fauci’s words, and I’m guessing that he’s stating this fact in this journal to cover his own posterior when the jig is finally up. Hardly anybody reads this journal unless they’re in the medical profession, so he’s counting on this tidbit to not go very far. The public is being played like a fiddle.

A Citizen

News and Commentary 4/2/20



Read what these 12 doctors have to say contrary to the media/government’s fear mongering:

12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic

Government is turning everyone into little snitches:

More smartphone snooping:

Coronavirus: Ten Things to Think About:

Excerpts to stew on:

I have already seen certain local governments posting websites for all of us to tell on each other for congregating in groups. I’ve seen the same thing, the state is turning people into little snitches just like Nazi Germany. Friends, neighbors, and even family are going to turn on each other in the future just like in the Soviet Union, East Germany, Nazi Germany, Cuba, China, ect.

Everyone’s job is “essential” to their own ability to put food on their table. I’m tired of people telling my wife and I that her work as a realtor isn’t essential. Tell that to my kids. 

The government has no money. It has to steal everything it gets and since it’s in the red, it has to print the $2 trillion out of thin air.  Yay, I get $1200 from Uncle Sam for free!!! Oh, wait.

Now We Know How Germany Let it Happen by Pastor Baldwin:

It happened in less than 30 days—and it is happening due to mass hyperbole and media manipulation. No, I’m not saying that the coronavirus is not real. Neither am I saying that people have not died from the virus. But I am saying that the fearmongering over the claim that corona has the potential to be a global pandemic akin to the Black Death is pure, unadulterated  poppycock. Amen. I’m not saying it’s a fake virus either, but it is definitely a fake pandemic to corral the people into enslavement.

In the past 30 days, Americans have lost—or should I say have willingly surrendered:

*The free exercise of religion
*The freedom to peaceably assemble
*The freedom to travel
*The freedom to work
*The freedom to obtain a firearm (if you live in Washington State, New Jersey, New Orleans and other places)
*The right of autonomy over one’s own property
*The right of autonomy over one’s own money (try to withdraw a large sum of money right now and see what happens)
*The right to buy and sell

Bill Gates is saying he expects that people will soon receive a “digital certificate” branded into their skin to show that they have been vaccinated. He also said that a “national tracking system” is on its way for Americans. He said that “technology is nothing more than an upgrade on traditional cattle branding.” Obviously, Gates believes we humans are cattle—to be branded with HIS mark. Yep, and so does the rest of the Illuminati. In fact they even said in their own Technical Manual that I posted here on this blog a couple of years ago that:

“A nation or world of people who do not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by CHOICE and CONSENT.”

And that quote above fits like a glove for about 97% of the American sheeple. They view you as cattle because you really are cattle. Animals to be herded to the slaughter because you choose not to use your God given intelligence to think for yourself, make your own choices and be responsible. Therefore, you must be enslaved to a daddy because you refuse to grow up. The ruling class is not the problem in this country, folks, they’re just opportunists that are taking advantage of a stupid and decadent population. You want to see the real problem with America? Go into the bathroom and look into the mirror.

It was only a few months ago when Christians and conservatives would often use this quote from Benjamin Franklin: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Hardly any of them are using that quote today. Instead, they are expressing enthusiastic endorsement for the assaults against their liberties—in the name of SAFETY from corona. More than that: They are frothing venom and hatred against anyone who dares to stand up for our constitutional liberties. (Emphasis mine)

These conveniently confused Christians and conservatives are regurgitating the very words and ideas that the Tories expressed toward our American patriot forebears.

Recall that the great champion of liberty, the Rev. James Caldwell of New Jersey, was assassinated by a fellow American loyal to the tyrannous British Crown. These modern Tories would be happy to do the same thing to those preachers standing for freedom right now. I know, because I receive and hear their hate-filled threats almost daily.

Yep, for those of you still in denial that America could never turn into Hitler’s Germany, take a look around. And it’s all being done by your choice and consent.

I’ll also remind you that they could never get away with this without your FEAR and OBEDIENCE. Just like after 9/11 when everyone was brainwashed to fear the external enemy created by our own government, you are now giving up your rights again out of fear of this new boogeyman. This is 9/11 Part II, and they are already brainwashing the public into accepting the new future which will be less freedom, less rights, more police state, more surveillance, and bigger government. But you slaves chose it out of fear and worry, so I don’t to hear any complaining from any of you because, quite frankly, most of you will deserve every bit of it.

Corona: Creating the Illusion of a Pandemic Through Diagnostic Tests:

Corona: creating the illusion of a pandemic through diagnostic tests

End the Shutdown:

12 Reasons to Fear the Coming COVID World Order:

Keep in mind that one of the three pillars of the New World Order will be a cashless economic system. Everyone will have a set of credits and will be implanted with a computer chip that they cannot buy or sell without (that’s if you accept it, I sure as hell won’t). Those of you that have read the Book of Revelation should recognize what this is. The United Nations World Health Organization said last month that cash should be banned. There are plans by Congress for a new digital dollar that they are trying to put into the stimulus package. Plus there are already business around my area that are no longer accepting cash payment due to this fake pandemic. Cash is on its way out. No more anonymity in purchases, everything will be tracked and most people will be chained to a computer system for their livelihood. They’re also planning on forced vaccinations and tracking to let authorities know that a person has been vaccinated. I’ve seen this being built piece by piece over the years and now they have the perfect crisis to ram it home. Think I’m crazy? Read this:

Coronavirus: Bill Gates Wants To Introduce a ‘Digital Certificate’ To Prove Who Received Vaccine

And finally, while everyone has been hyper focused on the coronavirus scam, the Trump Administration is ramping up to go to war with Venezuela. Recently, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was indicted by the United States government for drug trafficking charges. This is shades of Panama 1989 when the U.S. government under President George H. W. Bush charged Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega of drug charges, then later illegally invaded the sovereign nation of Panama to overthrow and capture Noriega. This is another indication that the rule of law as well as international law means absolutely nothing to the Nazi U.S. government and that the New World Order is being solidified. I just read reports that U.S. Navy ships have been sent to the region. If you remember that U.S. puppet Juan Guido was at Trump’s State of the Union Address this past January. Understand this – Venezuela never attacked the United States in any way, but they are sitting on one of the largest oil reserves in the world. Do the math, we’re going into Venezuela, not to stop drugs or end socialism, but for the same reason why our military forces are illegally occupying Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Like I said in past posts, the time we are living in is a time when the wheat is being separated from the tares, the sheep are being separated from the goats. Real freedom lovers and patriots need to be aware that people are going to turn on you because of your staunch adherence to what is right. You are going to see the real people who are true and who will not be. You are going to see who your true friends are and who will fall by the wayside. These times will even split families. Be prepared, take steps to protect yourselves, and understand that you may have to stand alone without friends and family at your side. Whatever happens, do not give into tyranny no matter the price.

A Citizen