COVID-19 Newslinks 3/21/20 and a Message For You


U.S. troops coming soon to a street near you.

Trump invokes ‘war time authority’ to fight coronavirus:

President Donald J. Hitler is eyeing a ‘two week national quarantine to stop coronavirus.’ You know what this is, folks? Medical martial law:

I’ve warned people about this man, I even said before he was elected that if he becomes president you will see Hitler rise from the grave. I was right, again.

If I was still a redcoat, this would be the end of my career. I would’ve never helped enforce this tyranny. Military personnel, remember your oath, what your Commander in Chief may do in the future will be completely unconstitutional. Do not follow illegal orders. Do not follow orders to seize guns. Do not follow orders to round up people and ship them to FEMA camps. If you do, you will be identified as an enemy of the Republic and citizens will be in their right to take up arms against you.

But hey, here’s $1,200 bucks from Uncle Sam so you’ll shut up and obey. Oh, and you Trump supporting “patriots” hate socialism?? What the hell do you think this is, fools:

Pastor Baldwin hits another one out of the park with this message:

“Trump says that no more than 10 people should congregate. Okay, that means the U.S. House and Senate should shut down immediately. It means U.S. military troops must shut down operations involving any unit more than squad size. It means Trump’s cabinet must immediately go home and stay home.

It means police departments must immediately disband their shift meetings and dissolve their SWAT teams. It means the FBI, ATF, BLM, etc., must disband all units numbering more than 10. It means the U.N. must close immediately. It means State capitals and county governments must send home all of their clerical staff numbering over 10. And the CDC must close any laboratory or office involving 10 or more people.”

Amen, Pastor!

Thought so:


Mark my words, mandatory vaccinations are coming next. They’ve been brainwashing the public about this for the last couple of years by demonizing parents that choose not to vaccinate their children. During flu season, the local news always has daily statistics of how many died from the virus followed up with the message of ‘get your flu shot.’ This is going to be another offshoot of this made up crisis. Citizens will not be able to work unless they are vaccinated. I for one, will not comply. If that means I go jobless, so be it. Whoever tries to force this upon me will bet met with the force of arms. And I don’t care if I die in the process, if this is future of America, then I don’t want to live anymore.

For those of you that think I’m nuts to prefer death over enslavement, you obviously never understood what the Founding Fathers and our colonial forebears stood for. They committed their lives, fortunes and their sacred honor to be free from tyranny. Many of them lost everything, including their lives. They were hunted fugitives, some of them lived out in the woods and in caves to escape capture by the British. Some of them were captured and tortured, later put to death. A lot of them never saw their families again. People like to talk about sacrifice, but they paid the ultimate sacrifice for us, their posterity. Now here we are in 2020, throwing everything they did out the window all in the name of “safety” and “security”.

I will die one death, either valiant or peaceful. You slaves will die a 1,000 deaths every day if it means that there will be no risk in your pathetic lives. You people have no guts, no principles, nothing to live for, nothing to kill for, nothing to die for. They’ve already got most you and they haven’t even fired a shot. But yet, you look at me with wide eyes and think that I’m an extremist? Some of you know what’s going on but remain silent out of fear of being put on the government’s list. Cowards. Some people have stated that they fear for my life because of what I’ve revealed and what I’ve said on this blog. Why? I don’t fear for my life. I’m not afraid of these people, the worst they could do is kill me, then I win. I started this whole thing because I felt obligated to share what I’ve learned over the last 10 years. I knew that the hour was late and what I’m doing may not make a difference but I’m going to do it anyway. When the chips are down, I can honestly say that I did the best I could to stop what is coming in the future. Most of you couch potatoes will not even lift a finger to do anything, and a lot of you do know that our future is getting dark but still won’t do anything about it. Some of you have told me, “Oh, I’ll fight when the day comes.” No you won’t. If that was true you’d be fighting right now. You’d be doing what I’m doing. You’d be researching, you’d be starting a web page, you’d be sharing information, you’d be getting involved. You’d be doing anything except for what you are doing now, which is nothing. Some of you have children and you claim to love them. If you really do love them then why aren’t you helping to secure a better future for them? I’ll tell you why, it’s because at the end of the day, you’re just like your children. You don’t want to accept responsibility. You want to be a child yourself and live in an adult body. You know as well as I do that what I’m saying is true. You are children and you need a daddy. Well, daddy is coming home soon, folks. And when he does he’s going to rule his household with an iron fist. May your chains rest lightly upon your shoulders.

A Citizen

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