Coronavirus Hysteria


I’ve yet to comment about the Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19), but now in the midst of the chorus of hysteria and fear-mongering pushed by the mainstream and so-called “alternative media”, I feel compelled to be a voice of reason and logic to expose this hysteria for what it is. Unless you’ve been living under a rock since January, the “coronavirus” (COVID-19), which is a new lethal strain of common coronaviruses, has been dominating the headlines with endless coverage and scenes of people in China and around the world wearing face masks and white suited government goons spraying citizens like infected roaches. As I’ve said before, whenever the media pounds something in their headlines, there’s an agenda behind it. The propagation of fear among the public is their primary purpose. Always remember that tyrannical governments must have their citizens in perpetual fear in order to gain power. This is the way it has been all throughout history, and nothing has changed because this tactic has worked to perfection every time any government seeks to consolidate more power in the name of “safety” and “security”. This is true no matter the contrived boogeyman, whether it is Islamic terrorism, guns, global warming, Russia, Iran, swine flu, Ebola, and now this coronavirus.

I’m not going to comment on the theory swirling around the alternative media that this virus is an intentional bio-weapon set loose on the world population. I personally believe that this might be the case since the world power elite have a history of developing viruses and releasing them on the public (AIDS, Ebola, et al.) Instead, I want to focus on the Hegelian aspect of this and the fact that the world population, including a vast majority of the American population, is crying out for a government solution to this crisis.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

That is the motto of the government supremacists. Be very suspicious of any “solution” or “answer” to this problem by the government, especially if they come up with some wonder vaccine. In times like these, government always expands its power and has always done so throughout history. It’s simply the old Hegelian Dialectic; Problem – Reaction – Solution. They create a problem and steer the population into reacting in such a way that gets them to clamor for the preconceived solution, which in turn makes the statists look like the heroes that saved the day. Beware of this tactic, they will use it again for the coronavirus, rest assured. The scenes you are seeing of the total lockdown in China are what the powers that be would love to do in America. Don’t fall for it.

Now I want to mention something that is very important. Everyone, I mean everyone, needs to stay calm during this ordeal. Do not get whipped up in a frenzy over this. The media has been spewing nothing but fear propaganda over the last few weeks. Nobody knows how bad it’s going to get here, and chances are, this whole thing will be a memory by May. Question everything especially if they are some establishment controlled “expert”. On the other hand, I also want to warn fellow patriots to stay away from Alex Jones and any of his ilk. I’ve been hearing some of the rumors and conspiracy theories that Alex Jones has been spewing and they are not true. Stay away from these chicken littles in the so-called “alternative media” who make a living selling fear prophesy and total B.S. Most of these clowns in the “patriot” media are trying to whip people up in order to get them to buy their doomsday prepper garbage they peddle on their websites. I’m not trying to dissuade people from taking appropriate steps to prepare and have food and supplies on hand, but don’t let the fear prophets become fear profits. Get my drift? Don’t panic buy at the stores, don’t make a run for the banks, don’t do anything that will harm our already weakened infrastructure. Take a deep breath and remain calm, use discernment when you read the news, make the necessary preparations for yourself and your family. Make sure you have a few months supply of grocery items in case shortages do happen. Most of all, do not live in fear. Fear is the enemy’s greatest weapon, and if you live in fear then you are already their slave.

A Citizen

P.S. I’d just like to add a great solution to the coronavirus problem. Change your diet! Most Americans are stuffed full of pizza, burgers, hotdogs, fast food and processed garbage. People wonder why cancer rates have soared over the decades. Now I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, but common sense tells me that when you stuff your body full of processed, dead food with no nutritional value whatsoever, then your body is going to become depleted of the essential nutrients that are needed for a strong immune system, thus you become easily susceptible to illness and disease. The American diet is probably the worst in the world when it comes to nutrition, and most people now revel in their poor choices and obesity. Just another sign of the times.

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