The Miami UPS Truck Shootout

ups truck

I have to say I’m absolutely disgusted with the police response down in Miami, FL this past Thursday when they initiated a gunfight right smack in the middle of a busy street during rush hour to take down two jewelry store robbery suspects that hijacked a UPS truck. Not only did they kill the two suspects, but they also killed the UPS driver and an innocent bystander sitting in their car. The tactics that these cops used were totally unprofessional and unacceptable. Not only did they come out guns blazing without regard to the innocents around the area, they actually used civilian vehicles as cover as they emptied their guns into the UPS truck. The cops that were involved in this were not heroes, they were total cowards by using innocent bystanders as human shields. This is just another incident illustrating just how out of control police in America is today. Most police are nothing more than trigger happy thugs itching for their first kill. Think that’s an overstatement? I’ve heard the way police officers talk when they think no one is listening, and I’m right on the money. Let’s take a look at a couple of the videos:

As you can see, law enforcement is firing indiscriminately into the truck without a clear target in sight. Watch the bullet holes appear on the side of the truck. They’re just spraying away hoping to hit something. And these are not exit holes from the suspects returning fire from inside the truck, as you can see from the picture at the top, they are all entry holes coming from outside of the truck.

View from the other side. Skip to 3:00 min mark for the gun battle:

As you can see the officers are indiscriminately shooting into the truck. You can see the bullet holes appear on the side of the truck. Bullets appear to be punching through the windshield, probably from the rounds coming into the passenger side of the vehicle. Watch how they take cover behind innocent civilian vehicles that are trying to get out of the way.

The UPS driver’s stepfather is a 100% right about the total disregard of the hostage and the scene. Even the old Police Chief commented about the horrible tactics of the officers, and he’s exactly right, they should’ve taken cover (behind their own cars) and returned WELL AIMED fire if a target presented itself and no innocents were behind it. This is something that has been drilled into my head over the years taking classes from reputable firearm schools. Apparently this is not something that they drill into the trainees’ heads in the police academies.

And people think that cops should be the only ones armed in America because they’re “trained”? These cops can’t shoot for crap. Their marksmanship and tactics absolutely suck. I pray to God that I’m never in a situation where I have to rely on law enforcement to save me. Most cops open fire with a hail of indiscriminate bullets aimed at the general direction of the criminals. There are countless videos of them doing this with no regard to innocents nearby, and in some cases they kill the hostage like they did in Miami. Perhaps I should remind them of the 4th gun safety rule:


These cops broke this key rule and two innocents died as a result. On top of that, they used other innocents as human shields for cover. Total cowards! Absolutely disgusting. I sincerely hope that all of the responding officers from all 5 agencies involved in this are fired along with their chiefs. But I’m sure it will all be swept under the rug like most of these incidents are. It’s a miracle that more people weren’t hurt with bullets flying in all directions.

Motto of the Miami area police:

“I was here. I was close. I had the will, and I killed the hostage.”

– A Citizen

6 thoughts on “The Miami UPS Truck Shootout

      • It’s the worst case scenario that’s easy to armchair QB. I’m not jumping to any conclusions on who/what.
        What I support is folks who actually take action rather than sit around just sharpshooting.
        What I said is simple. If you see all these injustices in the force then join and change it. You’ve got the answers so now show us.


      • Just calling the shots like I see them. I’m taking action by speaking out. What have you done in the name of liberty lately, Matt? As to joining the force, no thanks. One cannot serve two masters, and I already did my time for the state.


    • This is for people like Matt in Oklahoma who constantly defend and worship law enforcement. Let’s see what Founding Father Patrick Henry had to say about police, aka armed state revenue collectors.

      Excerpt from Anti-Federalist No. 34, Patrick Henry’s speech to Virginia Ratifying convention, June 5, 1788:

      “In this scheme of energetic government, the people will find two sets of taxgatherers – the state and the federal sheriffs. This, it seems to me, will produce such dreadful oppression as the people cannot possibly bear.”

      “Thus thousands of your people will be most shamefully robbed: our state sheriffs, those unfeeling blood-suckers, have, under the watchful eye of our legislature, committed the most horrid and barbarous ravages on our people.”


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