It’s A Trap

Admiral Ackbar is right. You’re being led into the Emperor’s trap.

The official articles of impeachment against Donald Trump have been announced. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced them yesterday as well a plan for a speedy House vote before Christmas. I’m not going to get into this too heavily since I’ve already explained in previous posts that this whole thing is just political theater and a major distraction that is meant to pull people into endless cul-de-sacs while the elite continues to take the country down.

In this article I want to address the fact that this impeachment is a giant trap set by the globalists for conservatives and Republicans. The anger on the right is palpable and is only going to get worse as the left continues to march forward in an attempt to remove the 45th President. I’ve seen several articles over the weeks coming from conservative talking heads and bloggers alike saying that the impeachment process amounts to a “coup” and are threatening to start a civil war if the Democrats try to “unseat a freely elected president.” Both of these main points are preposterous. This is not a coup, it is a completely constitutional process that I believe has not been used enough over the years. The fact is Trump has indeed committed impeachable offenses during his term of office and should be tried by the Senate. When he launched missiles into Syria without Congressional approval in retaliation for the the false flag gas attacks in 2017 and again in 2018, he should have been impeached. When he arbitrarily declared bump stocks to be illegal machine guns, he should have been impeached. When he said, “Take the guns first, due process later”, he should have been impeached. When he almost started a war with Iran earlier this year, he should have been impeached. When he paid off prostitutes to keep their mouths shut about his sexual affairs, he should have been impeached. When he stated, “I have an Article II (of the Constitution), where I have a right to do whatever I want as president”, he should have been impeached. And I could go on and on and on.

About the only voice of reason on the so-called “right” though I would consider him a true constitutionalist, something conservatives and right-wingers pretend to be but are not, is Judge Andrew Napolitano:

Judge Napolitano is right. Trump has repeatedly displayed that he believes he is above the law. Impeachment is a check on executive power and Trump’s executive power needs to be checked, heavily.

I say all of this to refute the second point coming from the vast mob of conservatives and Trump supporters that this means war. Seriously? You’re really going start a civil war all over a completely constitutional impeachment process and take up arms to defend a treasonous, lying, immoral usurper in the White House? A president that has BETRAYED YOU time after time with every infringement of our Second Amendment and the trillions of dollars of debt that was created by him? You want to fight a hot war to defend one of your worst betrayers? Are you people really that stupid? I surmise that you are really that stupid because that’s what you’ve been calling for during this whole debacle.

What most people on the right can’t seem to realize is that they are being set up for another trap. They fell and are still falling for the Trump trap with their blind “hear no evil, see no evil” support of the man. Their only retort to any critical thinker trying to present them with the truth is: “Well if Hillary was in office… _______” (fill in the blank). The globalists have set a trap for those on the right in the hopes that they will be the ones that will fire the first shots in the next American civil war.

Brandon Smith from wrote an excellent article last month that everyone needs to read:

Brandon Smith writes:

I hear the argument often that the supposed impeachment proceedings are “proof” that the globalists are trying to destroy Trump. This is clearly nonsense, as Trump continues to work closely with such elites on a daily basis. The more likely explanation is that, like Russiagate, the impeachment itself is a farce designed to keep the American public sharply divided and ready to go to war at a moment’s notice. In fact, the chances of the Ukraine debacle blowing back on Joe Biden and his campaign in the Democratic Primaries are high.

He goes on to state:

Trump is in the position he is in for a reason. Trump is a useful pawn in a number of ways as long as his influence over conservatives remains strong and his position can be exploited to maximum effect. For example, in my most likely scenario, a market crash swiftly follows the current plunge in fundamentals before the 2020 election. This essentially ensures Trump’s defeat in November, while his conservative supporters and conservative principles in general take the blame for the disaster. However, what if the elites are seeking to add even more chaos to the cauldron?

An impeachment leading into the election, whether successful or not, could be used to enrage conservatives and trigger a violent reaction against the Democrats specifically. If Trump loses the election or never makes it to the election due to impeachment, a host of outcomes will occur that are beneficial to the globalists even though Trump is one of their puppets:

1) The impeachment scenario will make rabid leftists feel vindicated in their insane behavior the past few years. It will reward them and inspire them to act even crazier.

2) Conservatives could be pushed over the edge into direct action, but unfortunately, if this direct action is aimed haphazardly at the political left and democrats, conservatives will have been conned. The globalists WANT us fighting over a meaningless puppet like Trump. They WANT us to direct our anger at the Democrats instead of at them. (Emphasis mine)

3) If we are stupid enough to fight a war over Trump, this will lead to some detrimental results. Conservatives, though feeling justified in their actions, will look like villains, fighting to protect a leader that destroyed the US economy causing untold public suffering, as well as a leader that most of the world will see as personally corrupt. Trump is not a resilient long term inspiration for a rebellion, he’s not even a good short term inspiration. (Emphasis mine)

4) Rebellions need focus and a set of strong principles and virtues in order to stay alive. If they are freedom fighters, then the establishment will seek to make them look like they are not freedom fighters, but self serving terrorists or agents of a foreign power. This process has already been started by the elites. Trump is the tool for co-option of the liberty movement. Impeachment could be a trigger for luring the movement to rebel under false pretenses and attack the wrong people (the leftists are only a symptom of the disease, the globalists ARE the disease). (Emphasis mine. This is the biggest truth that Trump supporters can’t seem to grasp at all. Trump was set up as a Trojan horse for the patriot movement in order to destroy it.)

5) A civil war that does not seek to target the globalists as the root problem could be easily molded by the globalists into a scapegoat for whatever calamity they desire. An economic crash under Trump would attach a lot of peripheral blame to conservatives. But, an economic crash and a civil war over Trump’s impeachment would attach ALL the blame to conservatives. Conservatives become the bad guys of the age, the people that almost ended the world, the people that future generations will be taught to despise as examples of the “evils of nationalism and populism”.

6) A war fought in the name of faulty principles and a failed leader would provide a reason for the globalists to pursue an international response to the crisis. And again, this would not look like an invasion of American sovereignty, but a global attempt to “keep the peace”. (Emphasis mine. Can you say UN Blue Helmets?)

He also writes:

If liberty activists stay focused on the primary objective (removing the globalists from power), instead of being lured into focusing all their energy on the Democrats, then the scenario changes. If conservatives remain skeptical and critical of Trump’s associations and activities, this makes it difficult for the elites to paint us as “Trump’s brownshirts”. Certain people within the liberty movement have not been helpful in this regard; blindly defending Trump at every turn no matter how many elites he brings into his cabinet or how many times he takes credit for the economic bubble. Some of these people have indeed called for a civil war in the name of stopping a Trump impeachment. They have become useful idiots for the globalist agenda.

If a war is fought, it must be over a concrete set of contentions. If a Democrat enters the White House after the 2020 election and attempts to institute major gun control and gun confiscation measures, then this is a perfectly solid reason to fight. If they try to enforce carbon restrictions that would destroy what’s left of our economy and cause suffering among the public, then this is another good reason to fight. If they try to legislate even more socialist programs, usurping constitutional parameters and taxing the populace into perpetual poverty, then yes, we should fight. But Trump? No, Trump is a pied piper, not a leader or a rationale for civil war.

Bravo Brandon Smith! This is exactly what I’ve been trying to convey to people for years but unfortunately most won’t listen. Conservatives have turned into another mob. Like their counterparts on the left, they are blinded with their emotional zeal for their leader and their hatred of the other side. They only see the left as the enemy and I have said over the years that they are not the real enemy, they are only a tool for the globalists, just like the right is, to bring about the Hegelian Dialectic of conflict control in order to bring about their solution of total control. While all conservatives are focused on the fabricated enemy from the left, they don’t bother see the puppet strings dangling from overhead, neither do they realize that they have puppet strings attached to their own appendages, nor do they even bother to find out who is controlling these puppet strings. What is transpiring in America is exactly why I don’t subscribe to the false Left/Right paradigm in this country and why I don’t vote anymore. It doesn’t matter, both sides are controlled from top to bottom by the SAME OLIGARCHS at the very top. Both sides are manipulated and have been manipulated to a point where they have absolutely lost their minds and are ready to literally take to the streets and kill each other.

You “patriots” and conservatives better get it through your thick heads. You are being played. Trump is a pied piper and you’ve been dancing to his tune for the last 3 years. You better not start a shooting war over this, because this is exactly what the elites want you to do. This gives them all the justification they need to vilify you and start rolling their jackbooted thugs out in force in order to take this country down in the Ordo Ab Chao fashion. You will lose if you fire the first shots. Now is not the time to be wrapped around the axle over the impeachment of the globalist puppet in the Oval Office. Like Brandon Smith said, there many other things in the works that are and will be worthy to take up arms against when the day comes. And it will come, believe me. But we must have the moral high ground, and supporting an immoral, boastful, lying, usurping, war mongering, Zionist globalist puppet in the White House is not going to get us anywhere. I hope you all think long and hard about what you are doing and come to your senses. There is a 4-D chess game being played, and it’s being played against you.

– A Citizen

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