Army Veteran Gets Red Flagged Raided in New York

New York Instagramer Posts Video of Possible Red Flag Confiscation Action Against Him

It’s happened again, folks. Yesterday November 23, 2019, Nazi jackbooted thugs surrounded Army war veteran Alex Booth’s home in Putnam County New York in the latest round of Red Flag tyranny in the United Socialist States of America. The offense: having a single 30 ROUND STANDARD CAPACITY MAGAZINE in his possession and being reported by someone close to him as supposedly having PTSD. The so called “law” in New York doesn’t allow civilians/serfs/subjects/slaves to own 30 round STANDARD, not high capacity, but standard capacity AR-15 or AK-47 magazines. So in order to gain control of the contraband, jackbooted SWAT teams armed with fully automatic M4 carbines with 30 round magazines along with their military armored personnel carriers surrounded the unarmed Army veteran’s home demanding he surrender. Before Booth, also known as “whiskey_warrior_556″ on Instagram, got home the CPS demanded that his wife hand over their children and police already confiscated his firearms that were in the house. Booth, who was unarmed, arrived at his house and barricaded himself in his attic and uploaded several videos of the standoff on Instagram. After 7 hours, Booth surrendered peacefully and was taken into police custody.

All of this over a single piece of metal that holds 30 rounds… Let that sink in for a minute and remember what they did to Randy Weaver back in 1992 when he was tricked by a federal agent into buying and selling a shotgun that had a barrel 1/4” shorter than the “legal” limit. Remember what they did to David Koresh and the Branch Davidians back in 1993 over allegations of illegal firearms and allegations of child abuse, none of which were true. All of the firearms owned by the Branch Davidians were legal and were confirmed by the local sheriff’s department before the BATF raid on their church in 1993. Both of these incidents ended with the wholesale murder of American citizens by jackbooted “law enforcement” officers. Thankfully yesterday’s siege in New York ended peacefully without anyone getting hurt. However, this event is just another one in a series demonstrating just how far the heavy boot of government supremacy is willing to go for something frivolous and just how dangerous these Red Flag laws really are.

Keep in mind, these Red Flag confiscation orders are being carried out every day all over the United States. 17 states have passed Red Flag laws and if you are a gun owner and live in one of those states, you better make damn sure you are prepared in the event that you get “red flagged” or get out of that state ASAP. It can happen to YOU and you don’t even have to be doing anything wrong. It could happen simply by being reported by someone close to you, whether it be a jealous ex-spouse or significant other, a family member, or a coworker that maybe you had an argument with earlier in the day. All they have to do is petition a judge that you are a “threat” and need to have your firearms confiscated and you will be paid with a visit by the local state enforcers dressed in SS black SWAT uniforms to take your property without due process. You will then (if you survive the raid) have a year to prove to the judge that you are not a threat to the public in order to get your firearms back from the state. Guilty until proven innocent, all over somebody making an allegation with no proof whatsoever that you are indeed a public danger.

Folks, you better wake the hell up and wake up fast. The police state is getting stronger in America by the day. And for all you fake flag waving “patriots” and conservatives out there that still believe that your lord and savior in the White House is protecting your gun rights, you are as stupid as they come. Attorney General Bill Barr just commenced a federal “pre-crime” program that basically legalized federal Red Flag laws across the board without any Congressional vote whatsoever. While you were distracted by the “Democrat coup” impeachment of your betrayer in the White House, the Trump Administration just passed de facto Red Flag via AG Bill Barr’s program.

Political Theater: Trump vs. The Left & The Unnoticed Approach Of The Police State

You see, tyranny is happening right now and you are all silent. Shame on all of you that are supporting and defending Donald Trump and making excuses for him. If a Democrat president was in office today doing exactly the same thing, you would be up in arms right now, but yet you sit there and defend him at every turn because he’s a Republican. Shame on you. You are not patriots. You people are an accessory to the treason and the destruction of our Republic. Our Founders would be ashamed of you. All you modern day Tories do is wrap tyranny in the flag and package it as “patriotism”. I heard some fool the other day from the NRA state that the “2020 election is going to be the most important election of our lifetime and we need to vote to secure our gun rights.” Yeah, you guys said that about the last election and look what it got us. Your vote in 2020 doesn’t matter, socialism will win no matter which side the coin lands. But go ahead keep voting, keep validating a broken political system and keep thinking that your vote counts and will save your sorry butts.

Dear voter, you want to see a truly insane person? Go look in the mirror.

– A Citizen

P.S. For all of you driving around with the Thin Blue Line stickers coupled with “Don’t Tread on Me” or “Come and Take It” stickers on your back windows, just remember that you’re supporting the very people that are going to “come and take them” from you when the day comes. Make a choice, you can’t have one or the other. Remember what Jesus said – you can’t serve two masters. Either stand on the side of liberty or continue to lick the boots that will stomp you.

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