ABC News/Epstein Murder

I never commented on the “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein back in August. I figured there was no point, it was quite obvious to anyone with a brain in their head that he was murdered to keep him from spilling the beans on the human excrement that hung out with him. It’s quite clear that the Illuminati blackmails people they seek to control for their own ends and that Epstein was one of their agents they used to trap powerful people in their net. Just like soldiers on the battlefield, their agents are expendable if they feel that they are compromised. I want to bring attention to this video which was an off air leak at ABC News of anchor Amy Robach who tried to break the Epstein pedophilia story 3 years ago. Credit for this goes to Project Veritas which does exceptional work of exposing the liars and propagandists that pass for the American mainstream “news” media.

It was all too obvious what happened in that jail cell, it’s as if they are almost taunting the public in a way by doing this. The powers that be are very confident in their hoodwink of the American people. They know that most Americans couldn’t care less nowadays which is why they have gotten away with such sloppiness like the Epstein murder. They laugh at you because they know you will not do anything about it. As long as the sex, sports, and entertainment keep Americans pacified, our slave masters will continue to flaunt their deeds and symbolism unopposed by a population of docile sheep.

On a side note, we are now down to less than a year left until the 2020 election. Not that it matters who will win in the end, I just want to make it clear that the quiet days are dwindling. I hope people have taken advantage of these last 3 years and used them wisely. Food, water, ammunition and medical supplies. Ammo is not going to stay this cheap forever. Patriot author Boston T. Party is fond of saying, “Ammo turns money into skill.” Get a battle rifle and TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN. I said a battle rifle, that means a full size .308, magazine fed, semi-automatic military rifle such as an M14/M1A or an FN FAL. I prefer the M14. Our enemies will have either the M4 or AK-47. Do you really want to go toe to toe on an even playing field with your puny .223 AR-15? Or do you want the advantage of distance and superior firepower with a semi-auto .308? Remember, the only unfair fight is the one you lose. Always cheat, always win. Yes, battle rifles are expensive, but how much is your life worth? How much is your freedom worth? Sell your frivolous material possessions and go buy a battle rifle. Forsake your vacation and go train at a reputable firearms school. I haven’t had a real “vacation” in years. Every time I took a week or two off work, I went to a training school to get quality instruction from the very best in the country. I couldn’t care less about taking time off to screw around somewhere for a week. I’d rather learn tactics and send rounds down range.

Be sure to pray, A LOT. Do not put your faith in your own abilities and weapons, but rather get right with the Lord and seek His wisdom and guidance. We will need Him more than anything in the coming months and years.

– A Citizen

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