Idaho: DO NOT Elect Bob Norris for Kootenai County Sheriff


Israeli Mossad/Shin Bet trained candidate running for Sheriff in Kootenai County Idaho.


Bob Norris

I just caught wind of this during Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s live stream sermon today and I’m passing the word along. If you live in Kootenai County Idaho and you value your freedom, DO NOT ELECT Bob Norris for your county Sheriff!! This man has quite a resume on his campaign webpage:

“After 9/11 Bob was selected out of hundreds of sheriff candidates to lead a special team at the newly created Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC) to combat terrorism in the United States. Bob held a Top Secret SCI and was responsible for managing personnel and resources from local, state, and federal agencies like the FBI, CIA and US Attorney’s Office. Bob’s work also brought him international exposure when he was selected to train in Israel with Mossad (the CIA equivalent) and Shin Bet (FBI equivalent) in the war on terror.”


More and more police departments across this country are sending their personnel to train with Israeli Mossad:

Why We Should Be Alarmed That Israeli Forces and U.S. Police Are Training Together

These Mossad trained law enforcement officers are playing a key role in the militarization of police in America. Make no mistake about it, these police departments along with their federal counterparts, are training for WAR, and it will be a war against you the citizen when the time comes to bring this country down. In effect, it has already begun with the daily stream of innocents being killed by police officers across America, some of which in their own home:

Expect this trend to continue as police, especially in the larger metropolitan areas, are being trained to act like soldiers on the battlefield by federal agencies as well as foreign intelligence agencies like the Israeli Mossad. If you want to know what is in our future with these Mossad trained American law enforcement officers, just look at the slaughter in Palestine today. Again, if you live in Kootenai County Idaho, do not elect Bob Norris for your Sheriff. He states on his website that he will uphold citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights and the Constitution, but then again, people running for public office say a lot of things on the campaign trail; à la Donald Trump. Look at his ties, associations, and his background. He’s Mossad trained, holds a TOP SECRET Security Clearance, and rubbed elbows with the CIA. Yeah, not a good choice for the interest of liberty in Kootenai County Idaho. Spread the word.

– A Citizen


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