WordPress Suppressing View Count

So I’ve noticed a pattern whenever I write about Israel, Zionism, or the wars in the Middle East; my view count drops off completely. Now I would chalk this up as a coincidence except for the fact that it happens EVERY time I write about these subjects. And I know people are reading my blog because I’ve just picked up two more subscribers within the last 12 hours. Sorry WordPress, but you’re not going to censor or suppress me. I’m on to you fools, and your antics just confirm that I’m hitting the mark with what I’m saying on this blog. Like I’ve said before, I will not be censored by the Zuckerberg Ziofascist tech gurus. You can kick me off this site, but I’ve backed up all posts and will make another site. You will not silence me, you will not run me off. As long as I have an internet connection and as long as the government is keeping the web online, I will continue to speak out against this tyranny.

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