They Have the Grounds to Impeach…


Most of you know by now that President Trump has recently declared a National Emergency in order to go around Congress to give the terrorist nation of Saudi Arabia an $8 billion arms deal. Folks, Congress actually has a way to impeach this budding dictator in the White House on Constitutional grounds alone. If the Democrats really wanted to get rid of this man, this is how they can do it. He’s already declared a National Emergency to illegally provide funding for the border wall. Now he wants to send smart bomb and nuclear technology to the leading terrorist state in the Middle East. President Trump thinks he’s king, and if Congress had any real guts, they would impeach this man and throw him out of office. Forget the Russian collusion, forget Mueller Report, forget the obstruction of justice (which he really did and continues to do). Congressional Democrats have the ammunition on this emergency illegal arms deal alone to impeach this Hitler and send him packing. This man is aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States. Have you all forgotten that 15 of the 19 supposed 9/11 hijackers CAME FROM SAUDI ARABIA?! Do you not see how Saudia Arabia is committing blatant war crimes against the country of Yemen, a war that has been aided by U.S. tax dollars? Remember Jamal Khashoggi, the Washington Post journalist who was murdered by the Saudi government? Or are you all just too propagandized by Fox News on the “imminent threat” of Iran to even understand, much less give a damn? Liberals, you have the keys to end this man’s tenure of office. Quit spinning around in circles and running down dead end rabbit trails. The House has the grounds, right now, to impeach Trump and strip him and any future would-be tyrant of any sort of power that rests outside of the bounds of the Constitution. But will they do it?

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