USS Liberty


I just wanted to take a moment to remember and honor the 34 American sailors that were murdered in cold blood by “our greatest ally” on June 8, 1967. I first heard about this little known incident a couple of years ago when Pastor Chuck Baldwin wrote about it on his syndicated column. I am currently reading the book Remember the LIBERTY! by Phillip F. Nelson. You can purchase the book here:!/Remember-The-LIBERTY-Book-By-Phillip-F-Nelson-Ronald-G-Kukal-%E2%80%8EErnest-A-Gallo-%E2%80%8E-and-Phillip-F-Tourney/p/99206328/category=15986016

The USS Liberty was an intelligence-gathering ship that was attacked by unmarked Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats on the third day of Israeli-Arab Six Day War. The ship took on water during the attack but miraculously never sank. 34 crewmembers died and 172 were wounded. The USS Liberty incident was an event that was thoroughly covered up by the United States government. Those that are trying to bring it to light, including the survivors on the ship, are being viciously attacked by the rabid Zionist supporters of Israel. These men have been smeared by these vicious people and labeled as “anti-semitic” for simply exposing the truth about what happened.

Read Pastor Baldwin’s transcript of an interview of a USS Liberty survivor here:

For more information on the USS Liberty:

As a veteran of the armed services, this story and its ensuing cover-up greatly angers me. Those men that were on board are my brothers, and I owe a debt to them to find out the truth of this and help bring it to light. I’m really starting to see how Israel is the sacred cow of the U.S. government and the New World Order. Anyone who is critical of Israel and Zionism is viciously attacked, now more so than ever especially with this Zionist administration in the White House. It only makes me want to dig and find out the truth of this matter even more.

There is much evidence that this was an Israeli false-flag meant to get the United States involved with Israel’s fight against the Arab nations in 1967. I say that to point out that history repeats itself. It wouldn’t surprise me if something like this happens again, only this time the blame will be placed upon the Iranians. The Israelis are desperately goading the United States to carry out a war against Iran in their stead. I think we’ve already seen the beginning of this with the Saudi Arabian tanker incident and the faux intelligence report put out by the Mossad that the Iranians were poised to strike U.S. forces in the region.

If something like this happens again in the near future, REMEMBER THE LIBERTY!

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