The Declaration of Natural Rights

This is a video that came out several years ago which I believe best explains in a concise manner the principles we must cling to in the dark days ahead. There was a time in this nation that these truths were self-evident to all of Americans no matter what walk of life they came from. Somewhere along the way we have lost ourselves and these truths, and our people have now ensconced themselves within one of the two separate political factions in a bitter contest to wield power over the other. This is democracy in a nutshell, a system that our Founders repeatedly warned us about. Both sides want the power to impose their tyrannical will over the other side. It’s time to cut through the emotional rhetoric that is being spouted from both sides and start seeing what the Left and the Right really are. The contest in America is between Communism and Fascism, both of which will be enslavement no matter which side wins. Our Natural Rights should be our focus as Americans instead of political parties. It should be clear by now that both political parties have divorced themselves from the concept of unalienable Natural Rights. America, it’s time to start thinking outside of the paradigm that those in power created for us. Remove the scales from your eyes and walk away from it. America was once the light of the world when our Natural Rights were recognized as a whole of society. We must work together to make that light shine again.

(Note: the website at the end of the video no longer exists)


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