I’m Back..


I’m back. And no, those bigoted anti-free speech assholes from Google, Fascistbook, YouTube, Twitter, Apple, ect did not shut me down. I’m still here. And my small corner of the internet will continue to be a beacon of Truth in this Age of Deception. I will continue this endeavor until they kill my internet or they send their Nazi jackbooted SS stormtroopers after me in the middle of night and try and kill me. And if that ever happens, I just hope the agents they send take the time to give a long hug and a kiss to their wives and children before they go into work that day. For I will show them no mercy. They may get me in the end, but I couldn’t care less. I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. And I mean it. I’m not playing games. Just think if the entire American population had the same attitude. All this crap would stop right in its tracks like a train slamming into a mountainside.


“May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.” – General George S. Patton

I’ve always loved that quote. It sums up exactly how I feel. No folks, I’m still here. I’ve just been away for a bit to recharge. I did a little road trip last month and saw some parts of the country that I’ve never explored before. I also did some tactical rifle training with some good folks up in Oregon. It was an outstanding class and the fellow students were not a bunch of Rambo wannabes. They were just ordinary folks like myself who have jobs and families. Salt of the Earth type of people that are taking responsibility for their own defense and trying to become part of the solution in this country. One of things that I’ve noticed over the years taking weapons training is that a majority of the students are just ordinary people from all walks of life. I’ve met college students, farmers, doctors, dentists, nurses, firemen, airline pilots, grocery store clerks, truck drivers, you name it. Patriots are everywhere. So if all you socialists think you’re going to take this country down and press everyone into your Marxist system, think again. There’s a lot of ordinary everyday folks that are training to fight you to the death if necessary. One of things that hit me as I drove across the country is that there is no way in hell that any standing army or force in the world could ever occupy every square inch of this nation. America is too vast. While you may be able to take over the metropolitan cesspools, you sure as hell won’t take over the Nevada desert, or the Arizona desert, or the mountains of New Mexico, or the forests and mountains of Oregon, neither will you take over the tall grass plains of Oklahoma. Go ahead, riot and burn your cities down. We’ll be waiting for you in the hills.

My, my, just look at what the Silicon Valley socialists have done to stifle free speech in this country. I’ll say right off the bat, I’m not a fan of Alex Jones, he’s a sensationalist bullshit artist in my book. Hell, his lawyer even admitted in court during his divorce hearings that he’s nothing more than an actor. But I also don’t believe he should be silenced either. They’re taking down the low hanging fruit first, which is why Alex Jones and Infowars were the first to go. They’re not done yet. I believe that this is the greatest indicator that the rats are cornered. The establishment is losing control of the narrative and they are now in full blown damage control. Tune into you’re local news which is owned by the same corporations as the national news and you will see they are going out of their way to defend their credibility to the public. Their narrative is unraveling and with every lie and fake news story aired, it’s just one more shovel full of dirt from their grave. As much as I think that President Trump is merely controlled opposition, I have to give him full credit for pulling the mask off of not only the media, but the entire echelon of the Marxist Socialist Democrat Party and the deep state establishment. The cockroaches have been exposed to the light and are now scurrying across the kitchen floor.

They are losing control of not only the narrative but in the 2nd Amendment realm as well. Most of you have heard of Cody Wilson and the guns he made with his 3-D printer. This young man has got the gun grabbers shaking in their boots ever since he 3-D printed a fully functioning AR-15 lower receiver back in 2013. He recently won a 1st Amendment settlement against the DOJ to distribute the 3-D files on the internet. But like the state traditionally does, they are continuing to harass Cody Wilson and his company Defense Distributed. Please watch this video.

I chipped in some money and I advise all other freedom loving patriots to do the same. Even if you never plan on printing a gun or building from 80% receivers. Cody Wilson is one of many soldiers in this fight and it’s time for patriots to put their money were their mouth is and support their causes. I don’t personally know Mr. Wilson or his company but I feel that this is a worthy cause to contribute. He’s going to need all the help he can get to fight this legal battle.

Link: https://defcad.com/

Even if it’s $5, just do it. It will be a slap in the face to these statists that want to take our birthright.


Keep your powder dry

Until next time


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