Just a Little Reminder

Just a reminder of what this is all leading to. This man who grilled the Marxist gun grabbers in Oregon survived and fled the communist revolution in Cuba. He understands what gun control is really all about. Listen to this man, folks, for he witnessed with his own eyes the result of a nation whose citizens were disarmed by people who wanted “change” and promised “protection” and “safety”. And for you sheeple out there who say, “It won’t happen here”, pull the covers over your head and watch another game of basketball. Most of you won’t “get it” until you “get it” in the back of the head. And I’m talking to a lot of you gun owners out there too. Our last ounces of freedom are hanging in the balance. Get off your asses and do something about it. Quit looking for someone to save you. Nobody in Washington is going to save us, especially the traitor sitting in the Oval Office. Donald Judas Trump turned his back on us. The NRA isn’t going to save you either. It’s up to us as individuals and us alone.

I’m going be posting a multi-part series of posts titled “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” in the coming weeks. It is going to be a breakdown of a technical manual that was written by the elite and published Top Secret in the early 1950’s. It will illustrate in their own words the plans to take this country down and bring about a socialist totalitarian government that they affectionately term the New World Order. Pay close attention to this, for we are currently in the midst of the “Silent War” that was declared on us shortly after the end of World War II. Almost all people did not have a clue that World War III was declared against the citizens of America while our fighting men came back from Europe and the Pacific and began to integrate into civilian life. For them the war for our freedom was over and won, but behind closed doors, individuals, most of whom were members of secret societies, commenced a long range plan to deconstruct our Republic piece by piece over time as to not arouse the suspicion of the public. Some people were not blindsided and sounded the alarm. Individuals like President John F. Kennedy, James Forrestal, and Senator Joseph McCarthy did their best to alert the American people of a genuine conspiracy that was in the works to destroy this once great nation. Unfortunately, they could do only so much and met their fates in the process.

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