Florida High School Shooting

As of this writing, 17 are reported dead and at least 14 injured. Folks, these events are not going to stop. Not until a sizeable majority of Americans finally say enough is enough, and give up their rights to their masters. Our Bill of Rights has been eroded away over the years, but their main stumbling block is the 2nd Amendment, which is why they have been relentlessly attacking it. They cannot have their Marxist New World Order if the American population is allowed to keep and bear arms. Be prepared for a barrage of psychological warfare emanating from the media and the socialist politicians in Washington in the coming days and weeks. They’re going to use every ounce of emotional weight from this tragedy in order to give their anti-gun agenda more traction. There is a pattern to all these events that no one wants to talk about. In almost every single mass shooting, the perpetrator was in and out of the mental health system throughout their lives. Almost all them were on some sort of SSRI medication. It’s too early to say what this kid’s story was, but it will not surprise me if details emerge with this same pattern. These people are being programmed to do these things. A lot of these events seem to conveniently happen before Congress is set to vote for a gun bill.

Stand firm, they are going to say that we, as law abiding gun owners, have blood on our hands as a result of this. They will do their best to demonize and alienate us even though we didn’t have a damn thing to do with it. Don’t give in to these scum. Never, ever give up your guns no matter what. I highly recommend that everyone seek out training from a quality firearms school. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.

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