President Trump, Gun Control, Mental Illness


President Donald J. Trump, the man who declared in his televised State of the Union Address four weeks ago that his administration is “defending the 2nd Amendment”, has now capitulated to the demands and outcries for laws to be passed that will further restrict our right to keep and bear arms. This is really no surprise to me or anyone that has been paying close attention to his actions (not his rhetoric) since he started his term as President last year. Trump has reneged on several of his campaign promises, and much of what he spoke about during the election debates and in previous years is proving to be nothing more than empty rhetoric. I predicted last summer that he will change his stance on gun rights as more of the tragedies like last week’s shooting in Parkland, Florida come to pass. I hate being right about this one but it just proves that people absolutely cannot put their blind faith in any politician or candidate running for public office.

Donald Trump has a long record of contradictory stances and has flipped his position several times throughout the years. For example in 2000, Trump who was a registered Democrat in New York at the time, wrote in his book titled “The America We Deserve”:

“I am generally opposed to gun control, but I support a ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun.”

He clearly contradicts his own statement when he says he opposes gun control but then supports gun control for certain weapons in the same sentence. It reminds me of when he made this statement last April:

“Hey, I’m a nationalist and a globalist. I’m both.”

You cannot have it both ways Mr. President. Just like you cannot declare yourself a nationalist and a globalist, as both are mutually exclusive, you cannot say that you are for the 2nd Amendment and turn around and support gun control. You are either one or the other. Though his stance is not clear about an assault weapons ban as of right now, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated during a recent press briefing that, “We haven’t closed any doors on any front”, when asked this very question by a CBS reporter. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I really don’t get a warm feeling when I hear that statement. Only time will tell what the administration will do and all indication shows that President Trump is more open than ever to work with Congress and members of his cabinet to “do something” to appease the emotional base that makes up the anti-gun movement.

Though President Trump openly supports arming certain teachers and staff in our schools which is a good step in the right direction, he did, however, sign a White House memorandum this week directing Attorney General Jeff Sessions to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into “machine guns”.

First off, the “bump stock” does not actually turn a semi-automatic into a “machine gun”. None of the internal parts of the rifle are modified, thus it would not fall under the federal government’s classification as a fully automatic weapon. A bump stock is an external device that utilizes the recoil of the weapon to continuously “bump” the trigger against the operator’s finger simulating full automatic fire. The same effect can be accomplished utilizing a belt loop or a rubber band. See this video here:

I will also mention that the Obama Administration legalized the purchase of bump fire stocks and Trump stated in his memo:

“Although the Obama Administration repeatedly concluded that particular bump stock type devices were lawful to purchase and possess, I sought further clarification of the law restricting fully automatic machine guns.”

It is almost as if President Trump is rebuking the Obama Administration for not banning bump fire stocks and if his suggestions to Sessions and Congress pass, Trump will have officially accomplished more to restrict our 2nd Amendment than Obama ever did during his 8 year term.  Folks, this is going to set a dangerous precedent. The Executive Branch has no constitutional authority to enact laws and regulations without congress. A lot of people including a lot of misguided gun owners think that this will just end with bump stocks. They think that Trump is making a deal by throwing the left a bone by banning a piece of kit. What they fail to realize is that by setting this precedent, the federal government can easily ban certain firearm accessories like triggers, magazines, stocks, pistol grips, ect. Eventually all the features that make up an external magazine fed semi-automatic rifle will be regulated away if left unchecked. It is extremely dangerous to allow this precedent to take place, the socialists will exploit this as a back door for a future administration to eventually ban so called “assault rifles” which is their primary target.

President Trump also stated this week that he is in support of raising the legal age of purchasing a long gun from 18 to 21. It’s absurd to raise the legal age to acquire a weapon when the government can still demand compulsory service via the draft for 18 year olds. I was 18 years old when I first qualified with the M-16A2 service rifle in basic training. By this logic the government trusts 18 year olds with guns halfway around the world fighting for Uncle Sam, but doesn’t trust them when they want to by a long gun for defense or hunting. Also the Militia Clause under 10 U.S.C. Sec. 311 (a) The militia of the United states consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and under 45 years of age…

And then there is the issue of mental health. Before I get into that I would like to expose a few quotes written by prominent socialists regarding mental illness:

Every child in America who enters school at age five is mentally ill, because he comes to school with an allegiance toward our elected officials, toward our Founding Fathers, toward our institutions, toward the preservation of this form of government that we have. Patriotism, nationalism, and sovereignty, all that proves that children are sick because a truly well individual is one who has rejected all of those things, and is truly an international child of the future.” – Dr. Chester Pierce, Harvard Psychiatrist

“Although they (the children of religious parents) appear to behave appropriately and seem normal by most cultural standards, they may actually be in need of mental health care, in order to help them change, adapt, and conform to the planned society in which there will be no conflict of attitudes or beliefs.” – National Training Labortories Report, “What are they Teaching our Children”, p. 121-122

Now you understand why secular humanism and Marxism is taught in public schools. To them, the definition of mental illness is a politically incorrect belief system that is inculcated by the parents to the children at an early age, and thus the Marxist “educators” must cure them through public education. I will now quote from a book titled “Brainwashing – A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics”. This is a technical manual that originated in the Soviet Union and is the playbook that the establishment controlled media as well as the state sanctioned doctors in psychology have been using for quite some time. Psychopolitics is defined as:

“The art and science of asserting and maintain dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses, and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations through “mental healing”.

They go on to further state:

The tenets of rugged individualism, personal determination, self-will, imagination, and personal creativeness are alike in the masses antipathetic to the good of the Greater State. These willful and unaligned forces are no more than [mental] illnesses that bring about disaffection, disunity, and at length the collapse of the group to which the individual is attached”. – Pg. 9

“Any man who cannot be persuaded into Communist rationale is, of course, to be regarded as somewhat less than sane, and it is, therefore completely justified to use the techniques of insanity upon the non-Communist.” – Pg. 22

“The handling of youth cases by courts should be led further and further away from law and further and further into “mental problemsuntil the entire nation thinks of “mental problems” instead of criminals. – Pg. 28 

“Religion must be made synonymous with neurosis and psychosis.” – Pg. 44

“The by-word should be built into the society that paranoia is a condition in which the individual believes he is being attacked by Communists.” – Pg. 52


In 2009, the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) published a report that was disseminated to state law enforcement that stated to be on the lookout for people that have certain belief systems. They state that anyone that opposes the following is considered to be a potential “domestic terrorist”:

  • The New World Order
  • The United Nations
  • Gun Control
  • The violation of Posse Comitatus
  • The Federal Reserve
  • The Income Tax
  • The Ammunition Accountability Act
  • A possible Constitutional Convention
  • The North American Union
  • Universal Service Program
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Abortion on Demand
  • Illegal Immigration

You can also find the 2009 DHS memo sent to state and local law enforcement stating the exact same thing almost verbatim. I’m saying all this to paint a clear picture that this push towards expanding background checks and mental health will be a gateway they will use to keep those with politically incorrect attitudes and belief systems from obtaining firearms in this country. On the surface the push for keeping guns out of the hands of the “mentally ill” looks like a great solution. What most people fail to understand is that the definition of mental illness is being expanded by the subversive change agents within this country to include those who have a staunch allegiance to our Constitutional Republic, have a belief in a Creator, and oppose globalism and the socialist New World Order. We are the enemies of the New World Order and they are carefully conditioning society to view us as such. Patriots in this country are being demonized in the media and fast becoming second class citizens. Most Americans have been programmed to view those that are skeptical or question the narrative presented to us in our daily news as being “conspiracy theorists” or mentally ill. They have also expanded firearm restrictions for returning war veterans diagnosed with PTSD. They are going to exploit this to its full potential to keep guns out the hands of people who are in opposition to the “change” in this country.

Folks, it’s time to start paying attention if you care about freedom. We are on dangerous ground and it’s worse than where we were at under President Obama. Both President Trump and the Republicans in Congress are now having second thoughts and are softening their stance on the right to keep and bear arms. Even the NRA is backpedaling and is willing to compromise with the anti-gun subversives. Most conservatives in America are sound asleep and are constantly making pathetic excuses for President Trump’s lack of firmness. Believe me, I hear them every day at work. Historically, some of the most egregious violations of our Constitution have taken place under Republican administrations and their voters never utter a single protest. There is no debate or compromise, you cannot compromise a right. It is either a right or it’s not a right.  The gun debate ended on December 15, 1791. And you cannot vote an unalienable right away like the rabid mob of emotional anti-gun bigots wants Congress to do. Neither the Legislative nor the Executive branch has any lawful authority to limit the 2nd Amendment and any public servant that does so is subverting the law of the land. The only way to legally alter or abolish the 2nd Amendment is through the Article 5 amendment process. Every gun law that is in effect as of right now is unlawful. Every gun law that is in effect right now has never stopped a person from murdering another person with a firearm. The laws don’t work, criminals do not follow the laws and I will conclude that passing more laws against firearms to treat societal problems aligns with the true definition of insanity.


Keep Your Powder Dry

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Crisis Actors?

I’m not going to say either way so I won’t be accused of being a “Russian bot” influencing public opinion. I’m just going to put these three videos up and let them speak for themselves. I’ll let you be the judge.

The first video is an obviously scripted interview of Stoneman Douglas High School student David Hogg. (Update 22 Feb: this video has been taken down by the censorship Nazis at YouTube. I’ve been informed that both YouTube and Facebook, or should I say Fascistbook, have been taking down these videos as soon as they pop up.)

The second interview is a video of Robbie Parker in Newtown, CT shortly after the Sandy Hook massacre. (Also taken down by the Newspeak censors)

This is a clip from NBC’s Meet the Press that aired this past Sunday.

You be the judge.

Mass Shootings – Mass Media PSYOP

Problem – Reaction – Solution

The media’s psychological warfare operation is now in full swing. Since last Wednesday, we have seen nothing but a barrage of crying parents, crying children, bloodied kids, and endless replays of the carnage that took place in Parkland, Florida. A large portion of the media circus is filled with half-truths and bold faced lies. And of course, some of the degenerate lowlifes that call themselves “journalists” cannot help but to interject their divisive rhetoric in order to inflame wedge issue tensions in the midst of tragedy. Their propaganda is beyond reprehensible, and Joseph Goebbels would be awarding them medals if he were alive today. Read what this sick female reporter named Becky Griffin had to say about abortions and mass shootings:

America is reeling, peoples’ hearts are broken, and the public is clamoring for a solution to recurring tragedies. All the emotion has been carefully funneled to support the establishment’s preconceived solution that is being put forth by the subversive change agents within the media and their fellow travelers in government. Their solution is quite predictable: GUN CONTROL. All across America, the cries are going out for the government to “do something” about this. The reality is, the government had its chance to do something, but it didn’t. The perpetrator in Florida was reported to the FBI TWICE, once by an individual close to him telling authorities that he was a ticking time bomb who had access to weapons, and was making threats to kill people. I suppose the FBI was too busy chasing phantom Russian collusion allegations to even give a damn about any legitimate threat here at home. The FBI has these children’s blood on its hands, blood that will drip along with the blood of the children that the agency slaughtered in Waco, TX twenty-five years ago this year.

Folks, the government is not the answer. You are being brainwashed by their Hegelian method of Problem – Reaction – Solution. They are playing on your emotions in order to strip away the rights of good Americans, including your rights as well. They need a sizable majority of support from the population in order to do it. It is one of the many “silent weapons” that those behind the scenes are using at their disposal in order to bring about the New World Order over the ashes of the Republic. As I said in a previous post, the population must be thoroughly disarmed in order to bring the full weight of their subversive socialist plan against this country. These mass shootings have terrified the entire nation, and it is no accident that most of these have occurred in schools over the years where our most innocent and vulnerable reside. Fear is a tool, and they want the public to be thoroughly terrorized and made to feel that there is no safe place from these tragedies. They want Americans to come to a consensus that the only answer is passing more laws to keep the public safe. It is a classic case of freedom being exchanged for false security and safety. They want parents to be in constant fear for their children when they go to school. Read what anti-gun activist Gabby Giffords had to say after the shooting:


Now we are going to get into some dark stuff. This is an excerpt from a book titled “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper. Cooper was a Naval Intelligence NCO on a Top Secret briefing team during the early 1970’s and came across the long range plans going into the 21st Century to bring America under world government. He wrote his book in 1989 and it was published in 1991, long before these shootings became the epidemic they are today. I highly recommend people pick it up and read it; for many of his predictions he made almost 30 years ago based on documents he saw while in the Office of Naval Intelligence have come to pass. Read this:


The perpetrator in Florida fit this exact profile as well as 99% of the rest of these mass killers. I’m not saying that every individual that goes on a killing spree is a programmed murderer, there are people that truly do go off their rockers, but looking at the profiles of most of these shooters you will find a clear pattern. They are all seeing or were seeing a mental health “professional” at some point in their life. They are all medicated with Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) like Prozac which, according to the pharmaceutical companies, have listed side effects that include “suicidal thoughts”. Their labeled side effect is definitely a euphemism, what they should say is “homicidal thoughts”. Other societal factors come in to play as well, such as the increase of broken homes and the lack of coping skills that young people display today. Over the years the government along with “expert doctors” in psychology, have covertly conditioned society to change the methods of parenting and raising children. The result is a generation of young people without the ability to handle life’s problems. Children that are not able to cope are then prescribed medication in order for them to function in daily life. Children are being hooked on anti-depressants and behavior altering drugs at early ages as their parents foolishly believe and take the advice from the so-called “experts”. The Hegelian Dialectic of creating political and societal change through conflict resolution is definitely at work here. The hidden hand has created a problem with this epidemic of horrific killings in order to get the public to accept their solution which is the total disarmament of every citizen. Yes, their goal is total disarmament of not just the citizens of America, but the entire world. This is the official policy of the United Nations that is heading this effort. This plan has succeeded in most of the world, especially Europe. The United States is their last main stumbling block. And this is not some bullshit “conspiracy theory” like the socialists claim it to be. It is in fact, official U.S. Government policy. Read Public Law 87-297:

Click to access STATUTE-75-Pg631.pdf

Department of State Publication 7277:


Knotted Gun sculpture in front of the United Nations Headquarters building in New York City

They will start with so called “assault weapons”, then work their way until they get every gun from every citizen’s hands. And folks, this is not really about guns or our love of guns, or whatever false reasoning they paint the other side with. I have been a student of history since I was able to read, and fully understand that once a population gives up their arms, they will be enslaved. Governments have slaughtered more people than anything else throughout history. The U.S. government is not immune to these statistics either. Read a little history on the government’s policy for the Native Americans during the 19th Century. For a more modern day example, read about the U.S. government’s 1993 siege of the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX. Governments take the first place Olympic medal for mass murder. Our Founding Fathers knew this, which is why the 2nd Amendment was placed in our Constitution in 1791 as final check and balance against a tyrannical government.


Now that you know the establishment’s solution, I will now propose an alternative solution: TAKE RESPONSIBILTY, ARM YOURSELVES, AND TRAIN. The first step is to understand that no place or person is immune to the threat of violence. We live in a violent world; a brief glance at the 5 o’clock news will confirm that fact. Violence has existed since the beginning of mankind. Like it or not, it’s bred in our nature, and burying your head in the sand and pretending that nothing is going to happen to you will only get you killed. One student that was interviewed last week stated that he never thought that it would happen at his school. He said he saw these events take place in other parts of the country throughout the years, but never thought it would happen to him. Most people believe that it will never happen to them. The police will not protect you either. They are always minutes away when seconds are crucial. In fact, the Supreme Court ruled years ago that no citizen has the right to police protection:


It’s time to take responsibility. The government is not going to protect you. It is up to you and you alone to take the necessary steps to defend your life in the face of evil. Now I understand minors cannot bring weapons to school, so I am not advocating that. I do believe that allowing a select group of school faculty that are well trained and proficient in use of firearms to discretely carry is a good step in the right direction. These tragedies are going to continue. The “Gun Free Zones” are just free killing zones for the perpetrators. I also advise people to get quality training from a professional firearm school like Thunder Ranch in Oregon, or Gunsite in Arizona. There are many of these schools throughout the country run by great instructors that have military and law enforcement backgrounds. Many of them have combat experience and know what works in a gunfight. I have personally trained at many schools in my state and will be attending a rifle course at Thunder Ranch this year. All the instructors that I’ve trained under are dedicated professionals who are very helpful and have a passion to teach ordinary citizens how to defend themselves. None of them were ever egotistic or “Rambo” types at all, contrary to what the media portrays them to be. I have seen them take an ordinary man or woman that has never fired a gun before in their lives, and have them hitting the X ring repeatedly by the end of a two day course. Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of money on my training, but I believe that my life is worth the money to acquire these martial skills in order to have a better chance at surviving a deadly contact. I also would not hesitate to defend the lives of others around me should violence ever break out. More citizens in this nation need to stop being complacent sheep and become sheepdogs, for the predators in society are all around us and are always looking for an easy target. Arm, train, be vigilant at all times, and never give up your guns no matter what.


“If you look like food, you will be eaten.” – Clint Smith, Owner of Thunder Ranch

“The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.” – Jeff Cooper, Art of the Rifle, Pg. 2


Florida High School Shooting

As of this writing, 17 are reported dead and at least 14 injured. Folks, these events are not going to stop. Not until a sizeable majority of Americans finally say enough is enough, and give up their rights to their masters. Our Bill of Rights has been eroded away over the years, but their main stumbling block is the 2nd Amendment, which is why they have been relentlessly attacking it. They cannot have their Marxist New World Order if the American population is allowed to keep and bear arms. Be prepared for a barrage of psychological warfare emanating from the media and the socialist politicians in Washington in the coming days and weeks. They’re going to use every ounce of emotional weight from this tragedy in order to give their anti-gun agenda more traction. There is a pattern to all these events that no one wants to talk about. In almost every single mass shooting, the perpetrator was in and out of the mental health system throughout their lives. Almost all them were on some sort of SSRI medication. It’s too early to say what this kid’s story was, but it will not surprise me if details emerge with this same pattern. These people are being programmed to do these things. A lot of these events seem to conveniently happen before Congress is set to vote for a gun bill.

Stand firm, they are going to say that we, as law abiding gun owners, have blood on our hands as a result of this. They will do their best to demonize and alienate us even though we didn’t have a damn thing to do with it. Don’t give in to these scum. Never, ever give up your guns no matter what. I highly recommend that everyone seek out training from a quality firearms school. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.

America on the Wrong Side of History


“If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. It is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or pretended, from abroad.” – James Madison

Recent headlines have prompted me to write about a subject that now seems to unite people from both sides of the political spectrum: WAR. I must say this right off the bat, I’m not a pacifist, however, I firmly believe in and adhere to the NON-AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE. I believe in taking forceful action in SELF-DEFENSE only, and would not hesitate to do so against anyone threatening my life, liberty or property, as I am well armed and well trained. If the current wars we are engaged in were legitimate and if we were overtly attacked first by the numerous countries that our military forces are fighting in, and if, and only if Congress made a formal declaration of war to give the President the powers of Commander in Chief as dictated by the U.S. Constitution, then I would be all for it. In fact, I would still be in the military doing my part to legitimately defend our nation against the enemy. But, we are not. The countries we are waging war with and will wage war with in the near future never attacked us, and Congress never made a formal declaration of war and has not done so since 1941. They did however pass an illegal act known as the Authorization of the Use of Military Force (AUMF) shortly after 9/11/01 that gave President Bush and his successors the greenlight to send our military forces into any country that the President deems a threat without any declaration of war or approval by Congress. Thus, Preemptive War was born and was carried out thoroughly by Bush, Obama, and now Trump. Now any country that bucks the New World Order’s hegemony will face the wrath of U.S. led coalition forces.

The so called “anti-war” left does not exist. The people that hollered about George W. Bush’s war crimes in Iraq were silent when Obama expanded the wars into Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Pakistan, Syria, ect, during his 8 year reign. Remember this?

Profound words from a man who received a Nobel Peace Prize and whose presidential campaign was built upon the foundation of ending the quagmires in the Middle East. The Obama Administration expanded the CIA’s covert operations in the Middle East as well as overt military campaigns that toppled Libya’s sovereign government in blatant violation of international law. They also had their sights set on Syria in order to topple Bashar Al-Assad and his government. In 2013, the U.S. government, through the corrupt State Department headed by John Kerry, sent weapons, ammunition, equipment, and training to so called “rebel groups” and “freedom fighters” in Syria. The establishment controlled media and the government assured the American people that the supplies were going to so called “moderate” Muslim groups. In 2014, we caught the first glimpse of a terrorist group whose ruthless tactics made even Al-Qaeda step back and announce that they would not support it. The events that unfolded during that short timeframe from 2013-2014, coupled with the U.S. military pull out of Iraq earlier in 2012, leaving an ill prepared Iraqi Army to fend for itself, was no coincidence. The so called “rebel groups” and “freedom fighters” linked up with terrorists in Iraq to wreak havoc on the war torn region and became what is now known as ISIS (or ISIL). I will get into the history of how the U.S. government armed and funded terrorist groups like Osama Bin-Laden’s Al-Qaeda in a future post, but for now I would like to focus on America’s perpetual warfare.

Through it all during the Obama years, the so called “anti-war” liberals remained silent. No mass protests, not even a chirp. Many on the left including the talking heads on the Communist News Networks were, in fact, cheering on military intervention. “It’s OK if our president does it.” I remember in 2013, when the government and the media was trying to sell us a military intervention into Syria, the only people that I saw protesting were brave military service members who saw through the lies and the manipulation, and openly stated that they would absolutely refuse to be deployed to Syria and fight alongside terrorist groups. I will never forget those service members who posted pictures of themselves in uniform on social media stating they would not comply with any orders to ally themselves with ISIS and help bring about regime change in Syria.


The establishment then realized that they had better back off, and so they stepped back and switched gears. I bring this up to point to the blatant hypocrisy of the so called anti-war left. You will no longer be taken seriously in this country and history will judge you to be one of the biggest groups of hypocrites and liars that ever lived as you all sat by and remained silent during President Obama’s repeated war crimes and violations of international law. Then a lot of you casted your vote in 2016 for this despicable woman who said this after Muammar Gaddafi was assassinated:

And turned around and said this about Iran:

You so called “peace and love liberals” have got to be the most mentally deficient of all sheeple in the history of the world. But I digress.

Let’s now fast forward to today, 2018. We now have a new President who, once again like his predecessor, campaigned on drawing back our military intervention into world affairs.


A year into Donald Trump’s presidency has proven his campaign rhetoric to be all lies. The truth is that we are closer to nuclear war than we have ever been in the last 60 years. And if we are not careful, we may just see one or several of our major cities go up in a mushroom cloud. On February 8, 2018, U.S. led coalition forces bombed Syrian government forces killing around a 100 people in a move that U.S. military officials called a “defensive measure”:

Despite the fact that the U.S. military has no legal authority to intervene in Syria (a fact that the establishment media has been forced to admit:)

and is in complete violation of international law by carrying out aggressive military action, the scum that make up the upper brass of the military and the Pentagon have the gall to call the action “self-defense”. This is nothing new though. All we need to do is look at Desert Storm, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon to be Iran to see that the United States has a proven track record of aggressive action worldwide while maintaining that we are simply “defending our country from aggressors”. Is it any wonder why so called “rogue nations” are pursuing nuclear weapons? Looking at how the U.S. along with other New World Order coalition military forces have toppled sovereign nation after sovereign nation, is it really any wonder why a nation like North Korea or Iran would seek a nuclear deterrent against us? I personally do not blame them.

NATO and the U.S. military have become the equivalent of Hitler’s Waffen SS, invading countries that never committed any act of aggression towards us. It’s time to wake up to this fact. Ever since 9/11, Americans have been worshipping the military and the perpetual war machine. Contrary to what you’ve been taught to believe, there isn’t a single person wearing a United States military uniform that is defending your freedom today. And if what I say makes you angry, I suggest you do some digging and try and prove me wrong with facts. Your emotional arguments hold no water. If they really were defending our freedom, they would be deployed to Washington D.C. and arresting the traitors there and making sure they are brought to justice like they did in Nuremberg in 1946. Let me ask you this, if they really are defending our freedom, why is America becoming less and less free with each passing day? There is a cage being erected in this nation, built piece by piece but you still send your sons and daughters off into the military “service” to become cannon fodder in the desert sands all while pretending they are protecting your freedoms. Like I said in an earlier post, people have been conditioned to think with their emotions instead of logic. The support for the military and the wars they’re engaged in are very much emotionally charged. It has become the system’s politically correct form of patriotism. If people really wanted to support the troops, they would demand that they’d be brought home immediately. The U.S. military is, in fact, deployed on behalf of the New World Order and is toppling nations in the name of special money interests and natural resources (oil and drugs). North Korea is sitting on vast amounts of precious metals and minerals that are estimated to be worth trillions of dollars. The world controllers know this which is why they are drumming up support for a new Korean War. What Lord Jacob Rothschild had to say about North Korea speaks volumes:

Don’t be fooled into believing the liars in the U.S. government when they recently claimed that they only want to take out Kim Jong-un’s nuclear capabilities in what they term a “bloody nose attack”. Such a strike would put Kim Jong-un into a corner and he would have no choice but to retaliate which would lead to a full blown war in the peninsula, and result in a regime change in North Korea which is the primary goal. The liars that make up our “government” are telling the world that they want to get North Korea’s attention, and that any strike would not be aimed at toppling the government of North Korea, but they know damn good and well that a war in that region will not have any other outcome. There is a sliver of hope that the United States is desperately trying to sabotage though, and that is the open talks between North and South Korea along with the participation of North Korea in the 2018 Winter Olympics:

South Korea does not want a war and they have a lot of say in the matter. They know that a war would potentially kill millions of their citizens which is why they are open to direct talks. Let’s hope this derails the war train and deflates the elite’s plans for the region. Unfortunately, they sent Vice President Pence to try and derail any peace effort at the games:

Despite all the rhetoric, North Korea has no interest in attacking the United States first. To do so would be suicidal as they would be beat by U.S. led coalition forces. The United States would have to provoke North Korea, which it’s desperately doing, or set up some sort of Gulf of Tonkin event to make them look like they fired the first shots. This is much along the lines of what happened in Syria last April with the supposed sarin gas attack. A week after the U.S. government stated that the U.S. would step aside and let the Syrian people decide their country’s fate, a bunch of Syrian civilians get gassed by Syrian regime forces, so goes the official narrative. Days later, President Trump illegally ordered cruise missile strikes hitting bases in Syria in retaliation. I do not believe that Bashar Al-Assad’s forces carried out that gas attack. Secretary of Defense James Mattis recently admitted that there was no evidence that Assad used poison gas on his people:

When looking at geopolitical events, one has to ask the question: who benefits? It certainly wouldn’t have benefitted the Syrian government to carry out an attack that killed 100 civilians, especially after the U.S. government said that it wouldn’t intervene in their affairs any longer. Assad is no fool. He has been walking on eggshells over the past few years and seeing the American government backing off was a welcome relief to him, why would he blow it by gassing his own people? There are only a few players it would benefit: Israel and those that are seeking to dominate the geopolitical chessboard of that region. The turmoil in Syria has everything to do with an oil gas pipeline:

The pipeline benefits Russia tremendously which is why they are involved. I will note that Russia is the only country besides Iran that was asked by Bashar Al-Assad for assistance in the conflict.

And what about Russia? Our military has been on the Russian doorstep for some time now. The war pigs in Washington have been foolishly provoking Russia over the last few years, but at the same time, stating through their propaganda mouth pieces in the mainstream media, that Russia is the one provoking the United States:

How do you think we would respond if the roles were reversed and Russia was sending its planes and warships off our coasts and maintained military bases in Canada and South America?


The U.S. is on collision course with Russia and it will not be pretty if it comes to a head. Russia has a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons and advanced conventional capabilities. The fools that run our military are gearing up for a showdown with Russia. General Robert Neller, USMC, recently told marines stationed in Norway to prepare for a “big-ass fight” coming in the near future:

I’ve been watching the mainstream fake news lately and firmly believe that they are, once again, trying to construct a Russian boogeyman in the minds of Americans. Russia seems to be the focus with its alleged election tampering and supposed collusion with the Trump Administration, both of which no hard evidence has been provided. The American people must have an external enemy to focus on so they will never look internally at the real enemy. Russia played this role after the Conference at Yalta in 1945 and played it well until the Iron Curtain fell. Saddam Hussein then assumed the role in 1990-91 and again in 2003. Osama Bin-Laden took up the reigns in the late 90’s and onward after Saddam Hussein’s military was no longer a great enough threat to warrant the role until later during the weapons of mass destruction lie that was sold by Colin Powell at the UN in order to get support for the 2003 invasion. Bin-Laden (who the FBI never officially charged for the 9/11 attacks for lack of evidence) was supposedly killed in Pakistan in 2011, and then ISIS assumed the role. ISIS has been thoroughly neutralized in Iraq and Syria (thanks to Russia) and now North Korea, Russia, and Iran are the big “threats”.

America is truly on the wrong side of history and history is repeating itself with America now playing the role of the world aggressor. Adolf Hitler sent his Wehrmacht all over Europe and Africa in its wars of aggression in the 1940’s. Germany had great pride in its military and many patriotic Germans thanked their troops for their service to the Fatherland. I now hear that President Trump wants to throw a parade for the military in order to show off its awesome weaponry to the rest of the world. When I heard that, I couldn’t help but think of this:


Our military has been parading around the world for the last 70 years. I don’t believe a taxpayer funded dog and pony show in Washington D.C. is really necessary. Like former U.S. Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill said, “A military parade is third world bullshit”. If my message angers you and sounds “unpatriotic”, I couldn’t care less. Patriotism is not unconditionally supporting your country right or wrong, but supporting the principles and ideals on which this once great nation was originally built upon and the lawful government enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. Our Founding Fathers warned us repeatedly to avoid entangling alliances overseas and foreign wars. If you read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers, you will see that they were very suspicious of and very much against a standing army in peacetime. Most people have become apathetic, unthinking, sheepish little cowards distracted by sports, sex, and entertainment and have forgotten all of it; thus America has become the 4th Reich. I will not support this nation’s treasonous endeavors, whether they are here at home or abroad. That is why I left the military. When I discovered what was really happening I could no longer wear the uniform and work for the beast with a clear conscience. Before I discovered the truth, I was set to make the Air Force a career and retire comfortably with all the pay and benefits. I made my peace with God while I was in basic training after realizing that I gave my country a blank check upon my life. I was young, but I was fully prepared to die for my country if need be. People that talk to me often get a puzzled look on their face when I tell them that I served only 10 years. “Why didn’t you stick it out another 10 years? You could’ve had a good retirement”, they tell me. Now you know why. I am a man of principle, and no amount of money or retirement benefits from the government could keep me in. I recommend all military age men and women (women especially as all combat roles are now open to females) to stay away from the recruiter offices and do not talk to them when they come to your high school or college. There is nothing patriotic about serving the New World Order. And if you think that I’m making this up, listen to this 2014 commencement speech by then Vice President Joe Biden at the United States Air Force Academy graduation. He tells the young 2nd Lieutenants that they will be great assets, not for America, but for globalism and the New World Order:

They will dangle the free college tuition carrot in front of you in order to get you to enlist. Don’t fall for it. To those still in the military, wake up! You are being used through your patriotism to further an agenda that will ultimately destroy this country. Those in power don’t give a damn about you or your buddies they send into combat. Henry Kissinger openly stated to Alexander Haig in the early 1970’s that “military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy”. Fellow military members and veterans: I hope none of you feel attacked by what I said in this message, for this message is aimed at the policy makers in Washington and those behind the military industrial complex as well as the ignorant population that blindly supports the big lie. Most of you are just like me years ago; carrying out your duties, innocently believing that what you are a part of is a right and noble cause and that you are defending our country. 10 years ago, if someone would’ve told me otherwise, I would’ve either laughed at them or punched them in face in anger. But 10 years ago, I too was sound asleep. Most of you in the military I consider to be legitimate patriots and, like myself years ago, do not have any inkling about any of what is really going on and would never believe that our government would use us in our service for nefarious ends. Some of you are waking up though. I ask that the rest of you start quietly looking into this.

In conclusion, I echo USMC Major General Smedley Butler’s sentiments:


Read General Butler’s “War is a Racket”. It is a concise, yet profound book written by a Marine Maj. Gen. that saw through the lies of Washington’s war machine:


Also read the Report from Iron Mountain. This 1967 report details how the elite planned to keep Americans focused on a constant external threat, whether it be rogue nations, nuclear war, the Red Scare, terrorism, drugs coming into the country, ect, in order to maintain governmental power. You will find it to be an eye opener:


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